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Objective-C client for Google Cloud Datastore API?

In the past I have succeeded in accessing a Google App Engine Datastore from a Google App Engine (GAE) application with Objectify and generating an Objective-C client for this application (including its Objectify Java annotations) with Google Cloud Endpoints. This gave me a client for accessing this datastore from iOS...

Does Objectify support Joda-Time Interval class?

We use Objectify 5 to access Google Cloud Datastore. We have an entity with a property of type Interval from Joda-Time library. When we try to save such an entity, we get the error below. It seems that Objectify has problem with Chronology and its subclasses. com.googlecode.objectify.SaveException: Error saving MyEntity(null):...

Dart - Inserting an index to dart datastore object for Google Cloud Datastore

I am working on deploying Dart's client-server example into my google app-engine. The data gets inserted into cloud datastore just fine. However, when the data gets queried, I get the following exception occurs whenever I make a GET request to query all the data. 13:04:19.191 Uncaught error in request handler:...

Using an enum contained in a Cloud Endpoint model on a Android client

I'm trying to implement an enum in a entity called CargoWrapper. In my android app I'm constructing a CargoWrapper object to send to an endpoint method, and then calling my CargoWrapper setters to set the instance varialbes. One of CargoWrappers instance variables is an enum and it's indexed. The only...

Choosing the correct google cloud data storage strategy for images [closed]

I'm writing my first google cloud backend for an image sharing mobile app and I'm having difficulties understanding which data storage option to go for. The clients will be mobile apps and probably also a web frontend. From what I've read so far the AppEngine seems to be a nice...

How do I access Cloud Datastore from AppEngine?

I created an AppEngine project and used the sample java project as a starting point. I want my app to be able to connect to the Cloud Datastore so I went through the getting started docs and added the following to the skeleton app: datastore = DatastoreFactory.get().create(DatastoreHelper.getOptionsfromEnv() .dataset(datasetId).build()); Then I...

Getting timestamp from Objecify entity?

Is it possible to obtain the timestamp that is used for optimistic concurrency control from an Objectify entity (or a lower-level part of the Google Datastore infrastructure) and if so, how?

Google Cloud Datastore PropertyFilter Error

I'm using the google apis php sdk and trying to access some data from my google cloud datastore. I'm authenticating no problem at this point, but am getting an error during my query. I pretty much look through the code in the sdk to implement it, since documentation is null,...

Is there a limit to the number of namespaces I can use in Google Cloud Datastore?

I'm guessing the answer is no because there is no limit specified in the documentation but I'm a bit confused because the namespace selection shows up as a dropdown in the Google Cloud console, implying that there shouldn't be more namespaces than can fit in a dropdown menu. Basically I...

How to get auto generated id from Google Cloud DataStore

The documentation here says that I can omit the numeric id of an entity and DataStore will assign one automatically. It however, does not say how to retrieve the auto generated id. How does one get it? Is it available in the response or do I have to make a...