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how can you record your screen in a gif?

This is the example i am talking about, how can you do this?...

How would you resize a image/gif in either CSS or HTML?

How would you resize a image/gif in either CSS or HTML? I want the image to still be proportional and I want the gif to be about the size of the google logo on google.com, how would I do that? CSS or HTML is fine....

VBA - Opening a website and saving it as a .GIF extension

I am trying to open and then save a web page which contains an image as a .GIF extension to my desktop. The below code opens a test page for me: Sub test() Dim IE As Object, Doc As Object Set IE = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application") IE.Visible = True IE.Navigate "http://www.orseu-concours.com/54-189-thickbox/epso-numerical-reasoning-test-2-en.jpg" Do...

Adding a gif image as an android loading icon? [closed]

I am currently trying to take an animated gif image and use it as an android loading icon. In other words, I am trying to take a gif and use it when I am waiting for a different screen to load. I realize I am able to do this with...

How I can stop an animated GIF in JavaFX?

I want to use an animated GIF in my project, but I dont know how I can stop the loop animation. I mean, I want the GIF to play 1 time only. Thanks!...

Load image when i scroll

I use this for displaying gif when i scroll : <img class="gif-load1" src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/img/nos-services-title.gif" data-small="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/img/white-service.jpg" /> <script type="text/javascript"> var largeImage = $('.gif-load1').attr('src'); var smallImage = $('.gif-load1').attr('data-small'); $(window).bind('scroll', function() { if ($(window).scrollTop() > 300) { $('.gif-load1').attr('src', smallImage); } else { $('.gif-load1').attr('src', largeImage);...

Only play gif file if it is in the screen view

Is there a way to only have a .gif play if it is in the screen view using JQuery or Javascript? There are so many .gif files on my page and it is causing lag (and no I cannot just remove them)

Need to active action on hover and back to original in 7 seconds [closed]

Im developing a site that contains few animation effects. I need to active gif(animation) on hover then once the courser is off it will be static again. On hover I need Image1 to disappear and show image2 then once the mouse is gone, image1 will appear again after 7 seconds....

how can I show loading gif until deleting?

I have a delete button on a repeater which is in update panel. When i click the delete button, it can delete, but It takes about 10 seconds. So I want to add a loading gif . I am beginner on adding gif. Please help me. Thanks for interests <asp:UpdatePanel...

How do I create a transparent gif in Go?

when I encode a gif in Go, the background is all black. How do I make the background transparent? Here is some code in my http handler. (w is the responseWriter) m := image.NewRGBA(image.Rect(0, 0, pixelWidth, pixelHeight)) gif.Encode(w, m, &gif.Options{NumColors: 16}) ...

how can I resize gif with custom height and width in android?

I am using Koush/Ion library to load gif from internet into imageview but I cannot resize the gifs aspectly, upon calling resize function, gif becomes still so my question is, is there any way I can resize gif aspectly in android ? here's my calculation to get aspect height and...

Cannot convert mp4 to gif using gifify

I am getting the following error when trying to convert an mp4 video to gif using gifify Unable to find application named 'Cloud' Does anyone know how to debug or investigate this type of issue? ...

Is it possible to set a gif image in base64 as responsive?

I have the next code: <!doctype html> <head> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Goerman</title> </head> <body> <center> <div id="image"> <img alt="Embebed Image" src="data:image/gif; base64,R0lG--IMAGE IN BASE64--="/> </div> </center> </body> </head> I need that the animate image auto-set to screen the device or size of the navigator....

Why does the GIF spec require at least 2-bits for the initial LZW code size?

I've been trying to figure out why the GIF89a spec requires that the initial LZW code size to be at least 2-bits, even when encoding 1-bit images (B&W). In appendix F of the spec, it says the following: ESTABLISH CODE SIZE The first byte of the Compressed Data stream is...

Why is an animated .gif icon not showing in JTable column?

Here is the processing.gif Here is initial.png Here is the output Here is the code. processing.gif is working in other locations such as in the tab of a JTabbedPane. Here in the column of a JTable, it is not showing. Any explanation and solution? processing.gif is a moving icon...

Start Gif on Mouseover and then Pause Gif at it's end, and have info pop up after?

I have a cell phone img, it's broke then gets fixed then the screen pulls up a notepad(on the cell phone) I don't quite get how to make the mouseover turn the screen fixed then open the notepad on it with the "cart" information, how would this work?

Android error signal 11 when a movie draws into a canvas

I'm developing an Android application in which I'm trying to display a GIF image. For that I am using the Movie class and created a class GIFView that extends View. I getting a Movie instance from Movie.decodeFile method. I am getting an error when Movie.draw(canvas) is called. 04-28 13:44:18.001: A/libc(24883):...

How can I convert PNG to GIF keeping the transparency?

How can I convert PNG to GIF keeping the transparency? I would have hoped that using the Assign( ) method would work but it doesn't seem to migrate transparency. In the GIF, it's represented as black. png:=TPngImage.Create; try png.LoadFromFile(sFile); // comes from file: png.TransparencyMode; // comes from file: png.Transparent //...

GDlib PHP - png to gif returns background transparent to black

When trying to convert PNG to GIF, return transparent to black: $file = "example.png" $whf = getimagesize($file); $wf = $whf[0]; $hf = $whf[1]; $h = "100"; $w = "100"; $img = imagecreatetruecolor($w, $h); $imgi = imagecreatefrompng($file); // Here means to be some magic code... imagecopyresampled($img, $imgi, 0, 0, 0, 0,...

PHP imagick gif to jpg - background

I've this gif: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/76885657/stackoverflow/2.gif (transparent background) And with this code: $im = new Imagick(); $im->readimage("example.gif"); $im->setImageAlphaChannel(11); $im->setImageBackgroundColor('white'); $im->setImageFormat("jpg"); $im->stripImage(); $im->writeImage("example.jpg"); $im->clear(); $im->destroy(); Results: https*://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/76885657/stackoverflow/3.jpg(without *) (gold background) But want this:...

Why is my gif image sent from servlet not animating?

I have this following code in my servlet response.setContentType("image/gif"); String filepath = "PATH//TO//GIF.gif"; OutputStream out = response.getOutputStream(); File f = new File(filepath); BufferedImage bi = ImageIO.read(f); ImageIO.write(bi, "gif", out); out.close(); This code is just returning first frame of the image. How to achieve returning full GIF image ?...

Replace ImageView from PNG to GIF

I want to replace ImageView from PNG to GIF. I tried with this code: ImageView kotek = (ImageView)findViewById(R.id.imageView4); nYAn.setImageResource(R.drawable.kot); But GIF isn't animate. What i should do? Sorry for my bad English :P...

Play Animations in GIF with Tkinter

I've been trying to play an animated gif using Tkinter.PhotoImage, but haven't been seeing any success. It displays the image, but not the animation. The following is my code: root = Tkinter.Tk() photo = Tkinter.PhotoImage(file = "path/to/image.gif") label = Tkinter.Label(image = photo) label.pack() root.mainloop() It displays the image in a...

Best practice of showing gif in Android

I tried to load a list of gifs and displays them on listview. Currently, I display each gif into a webview but it's very slow and looks ugly. I did some researches today but nothing could help me. Do you guys have any great idea that showing gifs smoothly? BTW,...

How to make GIF animate on scroll only?

I am building a Wordpress site that incorporates an animated GIF and I am trying to get the GIF to animate only when the user is scrolling. The page is basically ready – http://www.fi1000.com/wp/ – but the GIF would work a lot better if it's only animating on window scroll. I...

Tkinter animation will not work

I am trying to display the animation from my gif image. From my previous question, I discovered that Tkinter doesn't animate images automatically. My Tk interface shows the first frame of the image, and when I click the button to play its animation, it does nothing. It's likely something to...

GIF image does not animate

I am printing a .gif image through my printer, but it does not move like on my screen. it looks like I a jpeg format image. What am I doing wrong?