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Confused about assembly FLD instruction m64fp

I'm so confused. I have some question about the FLD m64fp instruction, but I have no idea where to start. Because this is a homework, I'm not specifically asking for answers, but the method to solve the problem. Any suggestion or idea would be appreciated. Eight consecutive bytes in memory...

GCC options for i.MX6Q in order to properly use NEON/FPU

I am looking to do some NEON manual code optimization using inline ASM neon instructions inside C++ functions, target is ARM Cortex-A9 (i.MX6Q). When it comes to making the correct flags for the compiler, I got a bit confused with -mfpu. My goal is to use the hard FPU with...

assembly function with C segfault

I am trying to make assembly function that uses SSE and FPU for parallel calculations. Unfortunately I am receiving segmentation fault(core dumped) error(while debugging it doesn't show in assembly function). I also cannot step out from assembly function. Gdb shows: Warning: Cannot insert breakpoint 0. Cannot access memory at address...