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GCC options for i.MX6Q in order to properly use NEON/FPU

I am looking to do some NEON manual code optimization using inline ASM neon instructions inside C++ functions, target is ARM Cortex-A9 (i.MX6Q). When it comes to making the correct flags for the compiler, I got a bit confused with -mfpu. My goal is to use the hard FPU with...

Confused about assembly FLD instruction m64fp

I'm so confused. I have some question about the FLD m64fp instruction, but I have no idea where to start. Because this is a homework, I'm not specifically asking for answers, but the method to solve the problem. Any suggestion or idea would be appreciated. Eight consecutive bytes in memory...

assembly function with C segfault

I am trying to make assembly function that uses SSE and FPU for parallel calculations. Unfortunately I am receiving segmentation fault(core dumped) error(while debugging it doesn't show in assembly function). I also cannot step out from assembly function. Gdb shows: Warning: Cannot insert breakpoint 0. Cannot access memory at address...