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Sending a mail from Flask-Mail (SMTPSenderRefused 530)

The app configuration used in a Flask Mail application (following Miguel Grinberg Flask developlemt book) : app.config['MAIL_SERVER'] = 'smtp.googlemail.com' app.config['MAIL_PORT'] = 587 app.config['MAIL_USE_TLS'] = True app.config['MAIL_USERNAME'] = os.environ.get('MAIL_USERNAME') app.config['MAIL_PASSWORD'] = os.environ.get('MAIL_PASSWORD') The Mail Username and Password variables have been set correctly and rechecked. While trying to send a message using...

Sorry, unexpected error: 'module' object has no attribute 'SMTP_SSL'

This is my code for my main.py file which is designed to be a simple contact form built in flask. from flask import Flask, render_template, request from flask_mail import Mail, Message from forms import ContactForm app = Flask(__name__) app.secret_key = 'YourSuperSecreteKey' # add mail server config app.config['MAIL_SERVER'] = 'smtp.gmail.com' app.config['MAIL_PORT']...

Getting 500 Internal Server Error while sending the confirmation email to the registered user using Flask

I want to send the email confirmation link after entering the registration details to the registered user, when I entered the user registration details then URL corresponding signup() method, from flask import Flask from flask_mail import Mail, Message app1 = Flask(__name__) app1.config.update( DEBUG=True, #EMAIL SETTINGS MAIL_SERVER='smtp.gmail.com', MAIL_PORT=465, MAIL_USE_SSL=True, MAIL_USERNAME =...