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firebase security permission not working

I have below data stored in my firebase: firebaseRoot admins simplelogin:1: users simplelogin:1 email: [email protected] picture: csd provider: password uid: simplelogin:1 simplelogin:2 email: [email protected] picture: zsd provider: password uid: simplelogin:1 and following security rules: { "rules": { "admins": { ".read": "root.child('admins').child(auth.uid).val() === true", ".write": "root.child('admins').child(auth.uid).val() === true" }, "users": {...

Understanding Firebase's rules for user-write, global-read

I am building a simple Firebase application with AngularJS. This app authenticates users through Google. Each user has a list of books. Anyone can see books, even if they are not authenticated. Only the creator of a book can edit it. However, individual users need to be able to record...

Firebase Authentication Limits

I am new to Firebase so any insights appreciated. I'm writing Java server side test code. I grab several users from an database and am trying to migrate the data into user authenticated nodes within Firebase. My code selects a few users from the DB and spins up a new...