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How can I programmatically use Windows File Explorer to perform a Search?

We have a folder on our network that we want to search within, including subfolders, from our program. We want to return a list of files whose name contains "String1" or "String2" or "StringN". We would prefer to programmatically open an Explorer window and view all files that match the...

Searching for the change history of partial file or path in Mercurial or TortoiseHg

Each time I need anything beyond the standard search, I find myself trying several things, searching Google and in the end terribly failing. Apparently, the Hg search syntax is pretty extensive and I would like to use its power, but I don't seem to be able to find a good...

Multiple Threads searching on same folder at same time

Currently I have a .txt file of about 170,000 jpg file names and I read them all into a List (fileNames). I want to search ONE folder (this folder has sub-folders) to check if each file in fileNames exists in this folder and if it does, copy it to a...