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Facebook API: friend is writing a message?

I'd like to know if there's a way, in any language, to know when a friend is writing a message through Facebook API or others. My target is to build ssomething to be notified when a friend is writing me a message (as it works on snapchat). If there's already...

Sending xmpp message to facebook through sendxmpp

For some time I've been sending chat messages to users from certain ecommerce groups in facebook. I did this using the program sendxmpp. It worked fine until now. No error or warning is shown when I execute the program, but the message aren't send, except if I send a message...

How to make chat web app use facebook Chat API like Skype?

My customer asked me to develop a web app which include function chat with facebook but as I know, the Facebook Chat API and XMPP things has been deprecated since 04/30/2015. But the function chat with facebook on Skype still working. Are there have any other approaches beside Facebook Chat...