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Failed to deploy quickstart to Fabric8 on Jube

I'm running Fabric8 2.1.5 version with Jube on my local Win7 PC, and trying to follow the documentation to deploy the Camel-Spring quickstart When I run "mvn fabric8:deploy" under quickstarts/java/camel-spring folder, I got the following error: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal io.fabric8:fabric8-maven-plugin:2.1.5:deploy (default-cli) on project quickstart-java-cam el-spring: Error executing: Failed...

How to use dependent bundles in different container in Fabri8?

I am trying to understand the capabilities of Fabric8's container management. I just want to clarify weather the following scenario can be achieved by using Fabric8 in JBossFuse. I have created simple 2 bundles (tick, tock bundles inspired by the : http://kevinboone.net/osgitest.html). Simply Tick bundle is exporting a package and...

Error running quickstart-camelservlet in OpenShift V3 with Fabric8 and Docker

I'm following the Getting started guide to run Fabric8 on OpenShift V3, and I'm getting this error when running mvn fabric8:run in this example: http://fabric8.io/v2/example.html. The project builds correctly and gets pushed into Docker as well, but I'm stuck in this last step. It seems that there is something missing...