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exiftool rename photos with camera model and date

I have been sorting my family photos, including some from a recovered backup drive my dad had. many of the photos were named file000268.jpg etc so I looked into renaming utilities, and ended up going with exiftool because I can use it in the shell and write scripts based around...

Increment Serial Number using EXIF

I am using ExifTool to change the camera body serial number to be a unique serial number for each image in a group of images numbering several hundred. The camera body serial number is being used as a second place, in addition to where the serial number for the image...

Exiftool in nodejs for heroku

I have the problem that I need to use the exiftool, since I could command more metadata packages that are in NPM. But this program is not loaded in heroku, What is the method to install this command?

File name contains pixel dimensions that need to be converted to inches

I am about to receive 1000+ files that will need to be renamed so the names contain their print dimensions. I've figured out how to extract the pixel dimensions and rename the files to include that with exiftool but I'm not sure what the best approach is for automating the...