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Running an executable from python code

I am trying to run create a codebook from a database of images using colordescriptor.exe. The code comes with an python scirpt which is actually a scirpt to create a codebook. In the usage example it says thath I have to run the following command to console: python exampleCreateCodebook.py trainimages.txt...

How to add icon in D application?

I want to add icon to exe file of my application? How can I do it. I would like it's added automatically when I build my app with dub.

Launching exe with parameters containing whitespace from vb.net

What I need to do: I have a path (copied from a working shortcut) to an .exe that I need to launch from my vb.net application. Following Path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA client\pnagent.exe" /CitrixShortcut: (2) /QLaunch "Farm1:ADS @ Citrix" My problem: I cannot figure out how to do this. My best...

Continuous deployment and running with TeamCiy

I have a project that is built into an executable. Some kind of server. And a Team City as CI. I configured Team City to automatically build my sources. I would like to achive the following steps: Sources are built by Team City when someone commits into repo. (done) Built...

Inno setup subfolders with additional installation in “All Programs” list?

I'm trying to create setup with Inno, I'm interested in how to add folder that will be shown as subfolder in programs directory in All Programs list. I'm planning to set some drivers in there, sho that user can start them manually from "All Programs" list, if they do not...

C binary : syntax error: `(' unexpected

I am having a weird error. Before I begin, my question is not a copy of Syntax error unexpected. I have a C file. If I do gcc code.c -Wall. It creates a.out. And I am able to run ./a.out. No errors and no warnings. In my case I have...

No module named flask.ext.wtf when building with py2exe

On a Windows 8.1 machine with Python 2.7, I try to make a flask-script executable using py2exe. The script itself runs perfectly, but not so the compiled .exe. This is setup.py: from distutils.core import setup import py2exe setup(console=['app.py'], options={ 'py2exe': {'includes': ['flask']} } ) Starting app.exe from the command, I...

convert python script to exe in windows 7 32bit using py2exe

I have python script that have different modules like : MYSQLdb (update.py) Python Script: import fileinput import sys import os import re import subprocess import MySQLdb ############################################################################# # **DB Functions::: def fetch_pn (host,username,password,db_name): # Open database connection db = MySQLdb.connect(host,username,password,db_name) # prepare a cursor object using cursor() method cursor =...

Application runs by Visual Studio vs. by executing an EXE file [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Detecting if a program was run by Visual Studio, as opposed to run from Windows Explorer 4 answers In C# we can use Define Constants to make some codes work or not work in each one like DEBUG by using #if DEBUG,...

gcc -Wl options : cannot pass coma inside

I want to increase my stack and heap commit size in a PE i386 file. if i do : gcc -Wl,--stack,100000000,10000 -o stack.exe stack.c it does not work. Any idea to make it work?...

Unable to copy an .exe to Start Menu folder

I've been studying Java for about half a year and now I'm learning C++. I'm using CodeBlocks with minGW and Win 8.1. My problem is that I can copy an .exe file to the windows folder like this: string str = string("copy " + currPath + " " + "C:\\\\Users\\\\Johan\\\\AppData\\\\Roaming\\\\Microsoft\\\\Windows\\\\ProgramCopy.exe");...

Extract python script from exe generated with cx_Freeze

Is it possible to get .py text file from .exe file generated with cx_Freeze? If yes, how can I prevent it when I generate exe? I don't want that somebody see my python code. Of course anybody will have access to bytecode, but it much harder to disasemblate it.

How to get simulator(.exe) path from dll in C

I have to get which exe use my dll at the moment. How to accomplish it from dll?

Can I create an EXE file using C# with visual web developer express?

The only option I see under C# Windows is "Class Library" to create a DLL. But I don't want a dll. I want an EXE (this time). I'm running Windows 7, btw.

Pause the execution of exe of a C code

I have developed a simple console utility in C which parses various text files. IDE - Code Blocks OS - windows I intend to distribute its executable. The executable works fine, however unlike when executed from the IDE, the execution does not pause/wait for keystroke at the end of execution....

Batch File Return Codes with executables

Possibly a really dumb question: If a batch file runs an executable and the executable fails, does the batch file return the error code of the executable or does it return 0 for finishing its code? (or some other return code?) Relevance: I'm created tasks for a task scheduler to...

Diagnosing slow running app

I have a complicated .NET app that does text processing and it runs very slow. I want to capture all the processes it envokes so I could figure out what is causing it to run so slow. How can I determine which processes are running once I run this app?

Calling Compiled C++ exe file from java not working

I am trying to call a C++ program from java and my C++ program as follows: // A hello world program in C++ // hello.cpp #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello World!"; return 0; } What I did was I am using minGW compiler for compiling...

How to remove malware flag from virustotal.com [closed]

I wrote own code, using C++ Win32 API and boost library. The code compiles to EXE application for windows. I can guarantee that it is malware free, but virustotal.com reports that 9 of 56 antivirus softwares will recognize the exe file as having malware. I see no reason why this...

Reading input from .exe and writing to a .exe for reading Chess engine commands

I am searching all day for an example c++ program which will use ready .exe file which has as an output strings and then waits for standart input and again prints outputs and so on and so forth. For example my c++ program will use standard output to write "uci"...

python 3.4 py2exe image.open cannot find the images

I am trying to create an executable file of my GUI (which uses 12 images from my computer) but when I create it, the .exe does not run in another computer because it cannot find those 12 images I have a tree like this project (folder) --mycode.py (python file) --setup.py...

What happens when you save an exe file in a text editor?

A long time ago I remember opening an executable file (.exe) in a text editor, and saving it back to the hard drive. The executable, needless to say, didn't open. My understanding is that a file is a series of bytes. In the case of a text file, these bytes...

Deploy an matlab file to executable

I want to deploy an m file into an executable. I am using mcc command: mcc -m epidemic.m. Epidemic is my function which takes no arguments and returns a vector and write that vector to txt. Mcc creates epidemic.exe and when I am running that exe it creates the txt...

Responding to Multiple Command Line Prompts

I have an exe that runs though Windows Console and prompts for responses for three questions. I created a batch file to contain criteria and would like to automate all three responses to the questions so selecting the bat file runs the data within the batch file. I need to...

How do I create an installer for a java Application using exe4j?

When I create an installer using exe4j, I'm getting these errors: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: credit/home : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) at java.security.SecureClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader.access$100(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source) at...

Exporting Jar with Images

I am trying to export my Runnable Jar file that includes the image resources that goes along with my program. When I run the program in eclipse the paths work perfectly but when trying to export the program there are no images. I have been exporting by choosing the package...

Ruby installation in project with Sass

I was wondering if someone could help me with the following problem: I have a web project in visual studio and I am using SASS for styling. I use Grunt to execute SASS and compile the .scss files to .css files. But for this to work Ruby must be installed...

Building projects [closed]

I come along with an a bit curious question. I don't have much experience with large projects with lots of files in C, C++, C#, D... So I wondered about a professional solution when building up bigger projects. Obviously there is no "general" solution to do that.. To explain what...

Calling an executable from java code

I am trying to run an executable with its argument from java code. In console when I wish to run my exe I write: >colorDescriptor 1.jpg --detector densesampling --ds_spacing 6 --ds_scales 1.2 --descriptor opponentsift --codebook CODEBOOK --output output.descr. When I tried to run that executable from java I am using...

CMake Why cannot use .exe for custom target

Here is the CMakeLists.txt cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8) project("cmake_oneoneone") add_executable(main src/main.cpp) set(library_name liba CACHE string "This variable is the library name") add_library(${library_name} STATIC src/liba.cpp) target_link_libraries(main ${library_name}) include_directories(include) add_custom_target(run_main COMMAND ./main DEPENDS main ) The output is: ~/workspace/cmake_test/build$ make run_main [ 50%] Built target liba [100%] Built target main Hello world! [100%] Built...

child_process.exec synchronization with outer EXE file

I have an exe file that does some action, then writes the result to a log file. I want to activate the exe, then after it's done read the log file and analyze it. My problem is: Let's say validate() is the function which reads the log file and analyzes...

Received a possibly malicious .exe, can someone tell me what the attacker intended to do?

I'm not sure what this code does, it is probably malicious.. Please be careful and DO NOT attempt to compile it.. I received a .exe file that probably does something malicious since it was named as ".jpg.exe", it had a fake jpg icon and it has some stealth options like...

How to send multiple parameters to exe from c# code

I am trying to invoke exe from C# code . If I run the exe from command prompt like below , it works fine C:\abc\abc.exe -e dev -l line1 -q 1 I am trying to invoke the same exe by passing all three parameters but none of the parameter get...

Make script in c++ for php

I am making a website and PHP isn't poerfull enough for me, so i decided to use C++ also. I have made EXE file that do what is supposed to do, but I don't know how I can get the output in php, I cout the output and I thought...

pyinstaller file too big to fit in memory

I'm trying to convert this simple script to .exe . #!/usr/bin/python print "pyinstaller is nice!" the command is : pyinstaller toExe.py output is : 6 INFO: wrote /tmp/toExe.spec 17 INFO: UPX is available. 26 INFO: Processing hook hook-os 73 INFO: Processing hook hook-time 74 INFO: Processing hook hook-cPickle 105 INFO:...