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ExcelDna/NetOffice/Excel: Most efficient way to insert values? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Fastest way to interface between live (unsaved) Excel data and C# objects 6 answers I'm building an addin for Excel using ExcelDna and NetOffice and fetch data from various source and insert this into worksheets. My problem is that the insertion of...

Excel-DNA save custom data into worksheet (not cells)

I'm hoping there is a method to save custom data from an Excel-DNA plugin into the workbook.. Something the user would enter into from a custom Excel-DNA form. I realize this can be saved into cells, but I don't want the user to see or change the data.. Is there...

Automatic update of (Excel-DNA) XLL with Excel opened

I am developing an Excel XLL Add-In using Excel-DNA and C#. The Add-In is called MyAddIn.xll. The Add-In has been saved to the users local machines, and it has been installed/added to Excel by the following procedure: Excel Options --> Add-Ins --> Manage Excel Add-Ins --> and then adding MyAddIn.xll....

Write to current cell from toolbar activation in Excel-DNA

I have a function which gets run from a button on a toolbar. The button loads a windows form which allows the user to perform a product lookup and returns the product code: Ribbon: <button id='btnProductLookup' label='Product Code Lookup' image='ProdCode' size='large' onAction='ProductCodeLookup'/> Method: public void ProductCodeLookup(IRibbonControl control) { using (FrmProductLookup...

Excel DNA how to get events for each minor change in spreadsheet?

Developing excel spreadsheet real-time sharing application I got stuck on how to get events for border change, colour change,multi cell editing etc...(used VSTO but problem still sustain...) I tried Excel DNA for to make RTD server to get real time data to excel but how to send changes in sheet...

Return #N/A error from ExcelDNA

I'm pretty new to excelDNA, so I may be missing something obvious. I'm trying to return a #N/A from an excelDNA UDF. The function I'm using (via Visual Studio 2010) is below: public static object returnError() { return ExcelDna.Integration.ExcelError.ExcelErrorNA; } When called from an Excel worksheet, this returns a #VALUE...

Why is my XLL slower than my UDF?

I have been trying to speed up a macro by using XLLs, however, it seems is a lot faster with the UDF than with the XLL. Some data with code profiling demonstrates it XLL Time for the sub Proc:module 1 iteration 11.64831 seconds UDF Time for the sub Proc:module 1...

Invoke Excel UDF from Workbook Macro

I can create Excel User Defined Functions using ExcelDNA. Is it possible to invoke them from a Workbook Macro?

Insert Excel Rows/Columns with ExcelDNA or NetOffice

I am using ExcelDNA to set and get cell values. I can get and set cell values var ref = ExcelReference(2, 2); var val = ref.GetValue(); ref.SetValue(42); is there a way to insert an entire row or column by moving entries to the right or down? I want the same...

Excel DNA Function stops working after parameter change

We have a working application that runs using C# and Excel DNA to create functions that access a Java Webservice at a remote location (using RTD Server). This application worked fine until we added optional parameters to one of our functions (I do not really know if the problem is...

Invalidate ribbon control in Excel 2013 for multiple workbooks

I have a customized ribbon where I added a tab containing a toggle button. This toggle button has a getPressed attribute which is linked to a callback function returning the pressed state of the toggle button. The purpose of the toggle button is to display/hide a custom task pane. This...