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Mule Server 3.6 > Anypoint Studio > Request Connector

How do I set the Request Connector to send Raw JSON data using POST method? On my Set Payload transformer I have this: #[{ "productId": #[sessionVars.productId] }] When I run my Mule App, I get the following error: Error sending HTTP request. Message payload is of type: String What am...

MuleESB AnyPointStudio JPA implementation

I'm using the CE Mule Server 3.5.0, and AnyPoint Studio as IDE. I just can't find a way to implement the JPA with EntityManager; honestly there aren't tutorials or explanations on how to do that, how to put a DS in the MuleServer or use DBconnector as DS...just don't know......

Mule Import CSV into Mysql with NULL date

I am using MULE to import a CSV file into a Mysql database. However when importing the CSV, if there is an empty field that is mapped to a date field in Mysql, the import fails out. Here is the Mysql Fields: Description RecDate --------------------------- Varchar(50) Date Here is the...

Queue for messages from two sources in Apache Camel with chronological order

I would like to realize next scenario in Apache Camel (included in JBoss Fuse): I have two systems, both of them produce events stored in database separately. Now I need to read events from this event tables and put them as messages in queue (realized by ActiveMQ). But what is...

How to maintain order of messages being processed in a mule flow from VM to JMS using one-way message exchange pattern?

I am using mulesoft ESB with Anypoint studio for a project. In one of my flows I am using one-way message exchange pattern to dispatch from VM (persistence file store VM connector) to JMS, both xa transaction enabled to avoid losing messages. Consider a scenario where we send a message...

Extracting fields from XML using mule splitter or xslt

Hi below is my input XML I want to spit the XML by row: <root> <row> <Product>abc</Product> <price>20</price> <discount>10%</discount> </row> <row> <Product>def</Product> <price>120</price> <discount>11%</discount> </row> <row> <Product>ghi</Product> <price>210</price> <discount>5%</discount> </row> </root> The output XML should look like below: First XML <trx>...

How read a json file with mule?

I have this section in my source code: <file:inbound-endpoint connector-ref="fileConnector" path="C:/tmp/input" encoding="UTF-8" mimeType="application/json"> <file:filename-wildcard-filter pattern="*.json"/> </file:inbound-endpoint> <json:json-to-object-transformer returnClass="java.util.HashMap"/> <logger level="INFO" message="#[message.payload]"/> everything compile fine! but at execute throws the next exception: "Message: failed to transform from "json" to "java.util.HashMap" Code: MULE-ERROR-109" Can...

Fuse - fabric:container-add-profile:from where does this command import profiles

In Fuse we can add profiles to container using command fabric:container-add-profile.Where are these profiles stored?

Mule ESB, Synchronize custom java class within flow

I wrote custom java class, a special http connector in the flow with request-response mule-http connector. But if there are too many requests calls this flow, an IllegalStateException occured. As far as i know the data or variables from one thread copies to another thread and I get an IllegalState......

How to force the HTTP Listener Connector to be one way?

In Mule 3.6, the new HTTP Listener Connector is meant to be a two way connection. My requirement is that this should be one way. I do not want to send any data back and I do not want the connection to wait for my Mule floHow do I do...

How to write dependent queries in MULE CE?

I hear that we con't write two Inbound-endpoints in one flow, but below is my requirement, Second select query needs first query payload value. When I run this giving an exception. Please let me know if there is any alternate way to write this. <flow name="Some"> <jdbc:inbound-endpoint queryKey="SelectSome" connector-ref="ProConnector" doc:name="SomeFromPro"...

Facing “unqualified type in strict mode for: MessageExchangePattern” while trying to integrate Mule with Drools

i am trying to integrate mule with drools, i have mainly followed the tutorial here but i am getting this error : (1,22) unqualified type in strict mode for: MessageExchangePattern (1,30) unqualified type in strict mode for: ONE_WAY ' it seems impossible to find the solution to me, can any...

Mule dynamic conditions

I defined an external xml which contains few expressions. <mule xmlns="http://www.mulesoft.org/schema/mule/core" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:spring-security="http://www.mulesoft.org/schema/mule/spring-security" xmlns:beans="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" xmlns:context="http://www.springframework.org/schema/context" xsi:schemaLocation=" http://www.mulesoft.org/schema/mule/core http://www.mulesoft.org/schema/mule/core/3.1/mule.xsd...

How to write Mule console output in a Text File

How to write a Mule Console Output to a text file. i am not able to see the full console output for big batch runs.

How to persist a queue which contains Java Message in Mule ESB?

I am using JMS endpoints and Apache ActiveMQ in my Mule application (I have followed a tutorial and not sure if i am doing the right thing relying on JMS as endpoints) <jms:activemq-connector name="jms-connector" brokerURL="${BrokerURL}" disableTemporaryReplyToDestinations="true" specification="1.1"/> <jms:endpoint connector-ref="jms-connector" exchange-pattern="one-way" name="UnsortedOrders" queue="UnsortedOrders"/> <jms:endpoint connector-ref="jms-connector" exchange-pattern="one-way" name="DestinationEMC"...

Mule Server 3.6 > Anypoint Studio > Raw JSON as POST data

Still learning Mulesoft's Anypoint Studio... I am confused as how will I be able to access raw JSON POST data via the HTTP Listener then use the Choice flow control to execute conditions based on a value from a given JSON index. Anyone can show/tell me how to do this?

Ban Mule ESB from blocking some requests

Some times (very frequent) mule ESB blocks some of SOAP Requests. How can i Stop Mule from doing that? i don't know what is the reason of blocking. this is how i have configured http-listener in mule config : <http:listener-config name="HTTP_listener" host="${MachineName}" port="${InboundPort}" doc:name="HTTP listener Configuration" /> <flow name="etryFlow" >...

How to keep mule CE 5.3.0 running

I've created my mule application, and i deploy it on mule ce 5.3.0 my question now is how to keep my server running which means even if i close my CMD (the window where my mule is running) my application keep running.

What does “The prefix ”vm“ for element ”vm:endpoint“ is not bound.” means and how to solve it?

i am trying to integrate mule with drools, i have mainly followed the tutorial here but i am getting this error : "The prefix "vm" for element "vm:endpoint" is not bound." can any one help me solving this problem? following is my .drl file and mule flow files. <?xml version="1.0"...

Differences between SCA (Service Component Architecture ) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)?

i have started learning about Software architectures and i came across these terms ESB and SCA. Now these terms i found quite confusing as they seems to serve the same purpose (i know this could sound ridiculous to people masters in these topics, still). Can anybody please explain the differences...

Rabbit MQ What data to send as a Message

i am going to integrate some applications using RabbitMQ. Now i am facing the design issue. Right now i am having one application producing message and one application consuming it (in future more are possible). Both applications have access to some database. Application A is some kind of registration application...

How does Mule API Console work?

Does anyone know where the web content of the API Console is located - I would expect the css, html and js to be bundled in the app... however I can't seem to find it anywhere!! Where does the api console get these files from?

How get payload inside webservice class mule

I need payload value inside ShipmentProcessImpl class or MuleEventContext object. <flow name="soaptest_rFlow1" doc:name="soaptest_rFlow1"> <http:inbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" host="${host}" port="${port}" doc:name="HTTP" path="${deliveryUpdatePath}" /> <byte-array-to-string-transformer doc:name="Byte Array to String" /> <logger category="ProTSP Listener Logger" level="INFO" message="#[payload]" doc:name="Logger" /> <cxf:jaxws-service serviceClass="org.tempuri.ShipmentProcess"...

Insert Arraylist in Database in Mule

I am trying to insert the contents of an ArrayList to a SQL Server database using Mule ESB. The ArrayList looks like [ {Id=a1o90000001muvWAAQ, Billing_Number__c=1000005, type=Call_Log__c}, {Id=a1o90000001muvXAAQ, Billing_Number__c=1000006, type=Call_Log__c} ] How should I insert this into the database in an optimized way? My mule flow is as below. <sfdc:query config-ref="Salesforce__Basic_authentication"...

How can microservices be truly independent when using an ESB (i.e. MassTransit)?

I'm doing some initial investigation into decomposing a current monolithic system by using MassTransit. My main reason for going with a queue-based ESB is that the set of features I'm tackling first are using a shared database as, essentially, a queue. I've also been reading "Building Microservices" and while I...

Where can I download MuleSoft Community Edition?

Have they got rid of Community edition? I can't find a link to download it anywhere on their site. Is there another link I can download it from somewhere? Thanks...

Mule ESB - design a multi file processing flow when files are dependent on each other

Okie...I am aware of Datamappers, Batch and streaming support in File inbound elements. What i want to know is the design pattern for integration when: You have multiple files (csv or xml) to process eg: 1 file named products.csv contains all details about products. Another file images.csv has URLs to...

Mule Server 3.6 > Anypoint Studio > Data Extraction

How can extract information against a JSON data, when I have a sessionVars.filters containing: ["account", "billing"] ...where my JSON data contains: { "billing": { "BillNumber": 25, "BillPeriod": "06 Dec 14 - 05 Jan 15", "AccountNumber": 78781843, "PreviousBalance": 0.00, "CurrentBalance": 1237.49, "DueDate": "Jan 26, 2015", "TotalAmountDue": 1237.49, "PreviousBalance": 0.00, "CurrentBalance": 1237.49,...

Mule ESB vs. Spring Integration [closed]

Before this is getting closed as being too broad: The Spring Integration forum was closed and refers to Stack Overflow (SO). This is not SO's concern, but I'd love to get an answer on this... The Mule ESB project explains its difference to Spring Integration on its website. However, regarding...

Mule ESB simple http request with rollback exception strategy

I'm trying to do the following: Call an api that doesn't exist Try to redeliver the original request 5 times Print a message when delivery is exhausted I have the following flow: <http:request-config name="HTTP_Request_Configuration" host="localhost" port="80" doc:name="HTTP Request Configuration"/> <http:listener-config name="HTTP_Listener_Configuration" host="" port="8081" doc:name="HTTP Listener Configuration"/> <flow name="exceptionTestFlow"> <http:listener config-ref="HTTP_Listener_Configuration"...

Using Arraylist in Mule to query Salesforce

We are trying to query Salesforce with an ArrayList in the where statement. Below is is the error we ran into when we tried using the ArrayList in the where clause. Query we used against Salesforce: Select Id,Billing_Number__c from Call_Log__c where Id in #[flowVars.successlist] successlist contains the values ['a1o90000001msXwAAI', 'a1o90000001msXxAAI']....

How To Achieve “one-way” Exchange Pattern With The new HTTP Connector In Mule?

I am quoting from Mule official documentation On the old HTTP Connector, both for inbound and outbound endpoints, it was possible to set up the exchange-pattern so that messages only went in one direction, so inbound endpoints would send no request back to the requestor, and outbound endpoints would not...

How to split message from flow using spliter in mule esb

My xml is: <root> <log> <age>name,order</age> <name>tetsMessage</name> </log> <log> <age>name,order</age> <name>tetsMessage</name> </log> <log> <age>name,order</age> <name>tetsMessage</name> </log> </root> how can i use spliter in mule to get as seperate xml and sent for further transaction in the flow...

Camel routing with custom method

Im trying to route an object based on three different criteria. My questions are: 1)why if I have the i.e. routing the object goes to one of the filters in a random way and not linear? 2)how should I do it if this does not work (the example), if I...

Mule Application is not sending response

My first Application is calling an other application but am not getting any response if i call the second application directly from SoapUI am getting response please help <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mule xmlns:http="http://www.mulesoft.org/schema/mule/http" xmlns="http://www.mulesoft.org/schema/mule/core" xmlns:doc="http://www.mulesoft.org/schema/mule/documentation" xmlns:spring="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" version="EE-3.5.2" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"...