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Better way to bypass Haxe 16MB embedding file size limit?

I just noticed that Haxe (openFL) limits a single embed file's size to 16MB when using the @:file tag(or openfl.Assets). Flash/Flex can embed much larger files directly. My way to solve the problem is to split one large file to several smaller files and combine them at run time. But...

swfobject not working on iOS

I'm trying to embed Twitch player using Javascript API - here is documentation how to embed a player using swfobject - https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/player.md. My Problem is that the code works great on desktop, but on mobile browsers - iOS (I haven't had a chance to check Android yet) script simply doesn't...

styles css in embeded souncloud player

I am trying to make a small site I use embed code to display soundcloud music in webpage. however, I want to remove the orange button play and the player down my iframe . I am researching I found that I could do it with css, just hidden buttons ....

Can I embed my Picasa video to play on my website?

Is it possible to embed my Picasa videos (not the whole album) on my website so it plays directly on the website without redirecting back to Picasa (kinda like youtube embedded videos)? I've seen this done on another website but can't seem to get mine to work. Picasa keeps giving...

How to custom embed Soundcloud track?

Is it possible to embed a Soundcloud track with only a custom play and pause button and the title of the song? Look out for some advice. Casper...

How to Embed an Apex website on my HTML Website

I have an Apex application which I use for CMS of my website, I want to embed this on my website when a user logs in. I have tried using an iframe however the APEX Application does not show in the iframe. What is the correct way for embedding an...

Embedded Rhino and anonymous js object

I'm embedding a Rhino script engine into a Java application. I tried to wrap the Rhino Function interface in order to stay independant from the ScriptEngine in my program. As stated in the sample below, in case of an explicit declaration, the sent object is correctly wrapped, but in case...

Video working in Chrome but not Firefox

I can get videos to play in Chrome with the embed tags towards the bottom of the page, I have them commented out. Anyway, it doesn't work for Firefox and I can't find another way to get it to display and play my video from the database. Within the div...

Scale HTML5 embed swf to fit in div dimensions

I have the following setup: <div class="creative"> <embed src="..." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" scale="showall" wmode="opaque" allowScriptAccess="always" flashvars="..."/>'; </div> //==== CSS ==== .creative { width = 325px; height= 350px } I would like the embed swf file to fit in this dimensions but scale does not do what i want. I also tried width=100%...

Could someone explain why my code is giving me the following error in safari?

I have recently been building an overlay system for a display in my lobby. I am using the embed tag as follows: <embed src="flatly.theme/index.html" style="width:237px;height:344px;left:0px;top:0px;z-index:1;position:absolute;"> this is the error I have been getting: [Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/forecastrss/CAXX0504.xml. Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. (index.html, line 0) If someone...

Youtube embed display at one time start at beginning

I am trying to embed a youtube video in my wordpress site and I would like to start it at the beginning but display it at another point for visuals, is this possible? I have looked online and in the youtube api with no luck..hoping Im missing it. Thanks for...

Embedding powershell within vbscript

I have a powershell script which I call using a .vbs file. This reduces the effort of the user to go to cmd every time,type powershell and then calling the .ps1 file. The vbs script directly opens powershell in a new cmd window calling the ps1 file. The VB script...

Javascript to auto play youtube video?

I know that embed code can autoplay but youtube will not calculate these views. However I search for javascript that automatically play the video after the visitor stay for XX seconds in site. i.e: I want to Auto Play Youtube Embedded Video without editing the embedding code. Can that be?

Modify HTML file to embed all external Scripts and CSS into