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How To Allow CRM Plugin To Handle Multiple Event Messages

I need to create a single plugin to fire on create, update, and delete events of opportunity entities. Can I do these in a single plugin? If so then how can I do them?...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and application authentication and authorization

does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (2015) has some feature for authentication and authorization of external apps that needs to access CRM data records from all CRM entities? External apps are in my case 3rd party Windows Services etc. to perform some sync and automation tasks, and these apps does not...

If I uninstall a managed CRM solution, what happens to the entity data?

If I uninstall a managed CRM solution, what happens to the entity data? ... assuming the solution has a custom entity in it? Similarly, if I install an updated managed solution, then revert by installing the original managed solution .. what happens to the actual data? If I deploy an...

If I deploy an update of a solution to CRM Online, can I just uninstall it to revert all changes?

If I deploy an update of a solution to CRM Online, can I just uninstall it to revert all changes? So I install version 1.0 with a custom entity, which has "First Name" and "Last Name" fields. Then I install version 1.1 with the addition of a "Department" field If...

Filtering instances not related to the current contact

I have a custom entity Stuff and it contains a lookup to Contact. I created a 1:N relation with the latter as primary and the former as related entity. On the Contact's form I added a subgrid and I only wish to list the instances of Stuff that have the...

Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved. Error while trying to connect to CRM Online 2015

Background: I am using a Windows Service to connect to CRM Online 2015 to get specific data from there and move it to a local SQL database for reporting purposes. This is a well tested code that was running on the server of our client. Recently the service stopped and...

How to refresh page after dialog has completed?

I'm running a dialog (the workflow-ish one, not a custom, modal window) on Customer and during the process, an instance of a related entity Project is created. All the related instances of Project are displayed in a subgrid on the Contact form. The problem is that the most recently added...

How to deploy a utility DLL that is used by plugins?

I've entered a project that used the architecture where all the utility classes were stored in the same project as the plugin. That's fine as long as there's only a few plugins with different utilities. I noticed, however, that as the number of plugins has grown, many of the individual...

What licence is required for a service to call MS CRM via the web services?

What licence is required for an external service to call MS CRM via the web services?

new to CRM, how to get CRM environment for learning and work around

I m a .net developer and new to CRM. Unfortunately at my work we don't have CRM. I m intrested in learning CRM but not sure how I can get CRM environment for practice and learning. Please guide should I go for CRM 2015 ? Should it be installed on...

Is there a NuGet package for Microsoft.Xrm.Client?

Is there a NuGet package for Microsoft.Xrm.Client for Dynamics 2013 and 2015?

How To Remove Display Rule From a Ribbon Command in CRM Online?

I have a command for a button defined as follows: <CommandDefinition Id="new.lead.CreditCheck.Command"> <EnableRules> <EnableRule Id="new.lead.CreditCheck.EnableRule" /> </EnableRules> <DisplayRules> <DisplayRule Id="new.lead.CreditCheck.DisplayRule" /> </DisplayRules> <Actions> <JavaScriptFunction FunctionName="new.LeadDynamic.creditCheck" Library="$webresource:new_Lead_dyn.js" /> </Actions> </CommandDefinition> If I go and remove the Display Rule from the command,...

Limit the result from FetchXML query in CRM online 2015

I am using a service that gets data from CRM ONLINE and transfers it to SQL database for reporting purposes. I am using the following Fetch XML query to query CRM string fetchXml = string.Format(@"<fetch version='1.0' output-format='xml-platform' mapping='logical' distinct='false'> <entity name='new_studentinformation' enableprefiltering ='1' prefilterparametername='CRM_Filterednew_studentinformation'> <attribute name='new_studentid' /> <attribute name='new_primaryhomeroom' />...

Debugging a Dynamics CRM Plug-in

I'm having trouble debugging a Dynamics CRM Online (2015) plug-in (C#). I'm following the instructions on this MSDN article to attach to a process. In the Attach To Process window, I select "Show processes from all users" and refresh. However, I don't see any of the four service processes listed...