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Deactivate Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Workflow from the javascript of a web resource

I have a web resource in Microsoft Dynamics 2013 with an event in javascript where I would like to duplicate the same functionality of deactivating a workflow as the "Deactivate" button on the edit workflow page in CRM. I'm using the XrmServiceToolkit, and I was hoping that I would be...

Why is my Enitty.Contains(attributeField) returning false when I am able to set the value?

I have a block of code that is not working as I thought it would. I have set an Entity up as follows and have a previous guid. parentEnt = new Entity("vehicle_ent"); parentEnt.id = guid; Now when I do a check with a statement: if (parentEnt.Contains("attribute_field")) { parentEnt["attribute_field"] = "test";...

Field value is null in Opportunity Product PopOut Screen crm 2013

When i open an opportunity product screen from Opportunity. I am able to get value from the following line Xrm.Page.getAttribute("opportunityid").getValue() But when i click on PopOut button On load of that form the value of Xrm.Page.getAttribute("opportunityid").getValue() is null...

Modify a button label in dynamics crm

In my associated view pages of some entities, i want to modify some button labels. For masculine noun entities I want to have: Ajouter une nouveau "NameOfEntity" and for feminine noun entities I want to have: Ajouter une nouvelle "NameOfEntity" how can i change the button label, knowing it is...

How to Execute an Operation Outside of a Plugin Transaction in Dynamics CRM

I have a Trace entity in my CRM system, and I want to insert records for that entity regardless of whether or not a plugin or workflow activity fails. When real-time plugin/workflow fails, all the data operations that have happened are rolled back, so any inserted Trace records are also...

Dynamics CRM Report doesn't show data

I've run into a problem where when I upload my Custom Reports to Dynamics CRM it doesn't show any data in the reports. In my reports I used stored procedures which are stored in a separate database called "CustomReports". I've done a few tests to see if I could pinpoint...

Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved. Error while trying to connect to CRM Online 2015

Background: I am using a Windows Service to connect to CRM Online 2015 to get specific data from there and move it to a local SQL database for reporting purposes. This is a well tested code that was running on the server of our client. Recently the service stopped and...

CRM plugin execution of operations before Exception

I have a plugin that needs to create a bunch of entities, and does so using; service.Create(Entity); At the end of the plugin (pre-operation on Update, synchronous) I sometimes need to cancel the save operation. The only way I know how is to throw an exception, but if I do...

Email from Lower Hierarchy User to Upper Hierarchy User(Parent Business Unit) by workflow in MS CRM 2011?

I want to create Workflow for Un-Attended Lead more than 24 hours then Email will shoot Automatically to User as {BM(BranchManager)} My Business Unit Hierarchy is : Main Organisation >> RBH Trading(Head) >> BM Trading(Branch Manager) >> RM Trading(Relational Manager) ![enter image description here][1] So, if any RM will not...

Crm 2013 + To remove comma from Whole Number field

I have a field on my form of type "Whole Number". I want to remove comma from the field and display simple number. I know there exists a System Setting to remove comma however it will apply to all the fields i want to do it one only my current...

How to get CRM 2013 Online Database schema

How can i get database schema for my Dynamics CRM 2013 Online? Is it possible in CRM 2013 online? If it is possible to get database schema, can you tell me any procedure?

Custom button “Mark as Complete and New” on Phone Call form or other activity form in CRM 2013

Sometimes there is a need to have one button which will automatically complete and create a new phone call where some data from the old one are transfered to new one, there is a solution. It is also possible to implement this behaviour on other forms.

Dynamics CRM - Missing components while importing solution

I have an issue with importing solution. First of all i will explain my method of importing. In our organisation we have all the solutions in source control (Extracted by solution packager as Both - Managed and Unmanaged). thanks to that we can build Managed or UnManaged Package from those...

“Close” custom entity button

I've built a custom entity in Dynamics CRM. I'd like it to have functionality similar to the opportunity entity, Close as Won or Close as Lost, only this language would be Approved or Denied. Approved button would set the status to "Approved" and make the entity read only. Denied button...

Action Microsoft.crm.setup.shared.analyzerbase+collectaction failed

I tried to install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Report Authoring Extension (with SQL Server Data Tools support) after I successfully installed the Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2012 but an error came out saying I didn´t have the requisites, which was Visual Studio...

Filtering instances not related to the current contact

I have a custom entity Stuff and it contains a lookup to Contact. I created a 1:N relation with the latter as primary and the former as related entity. On the Contact's form I added a subgrid and I only wish to list the instances of Stuff that have the...

CRM Dynamics SDK how to access related data

I'm using early-bound entities, generated by CrmSvcUtil, and I'm testing the SDK by retrieving an account entity:- var account = myContext.AccountSet.FirstOrDefault(o => o.Id == Guid.Parse("...")); (BTW is there an easier way to retrieve an entity by ID?!) Looking at the account object that is returned, I can see various properties...

Can CRM Online 2013 use the CRM 2015 Email Router?

Currently I'm using Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online Spring '14 ( (DB and we have installed the CRM Email router 2013, we are planning to upgrade to Dynamics CRM 2015. Can I upgrade the CRM Email Router 2013 to 2015 while using Dynamics CRM Spring 14? I found a link...

What is the TECHNICAL Difference between Entity.Contains AND Entity.Attributes.Contains

What is the TECHNICAL Difference between Entity.Contains AND Entity.Attributes.Contains. I know both of them work, but looking for some technical details.

Conditional Action Call

I'm building an application using CRM 2013 Unified Service Desk (USD). Right now, I'm creating a conditional action call from a hosted control to another. So far I got it working with a single expression, like: "[[Data1]]" == "Value1" But I've gone further down the rabbit's hole and now I...

How do I create a supplier in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015?

Microsoft CRM 2015.. a great little customer management system, but why did do they leave suppliers out? Anyway how do I create and manage suppliers using Dynamics CRM? or do you need different software for that? Cheers,...

How to Detect Duplicate record in CRM 2013 on Create (Pre-Validate ) Plugin

I am writing a plugin which will detect duplicate ID on Create and will restrict the user to enter a new ID instead. NOTE : I CANT USE DEFAULT DUPLICATION METHODS PROVIDED BY MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 2013 or 2015. THIS IS A SPECIAL CASE. Following is the code of my plugin...

CRM - Retrieve Selected Option Set From Another Form

In my quotes form the user will input the 'potential customer' when this is done I want to be able to retrieve what option has been selected from a option set from the account form and put the text into a text field in the quotes form. So far I...

How do I use the custom publisher prefix when creating a new entity field in CRM 2013?

I need to create a new field on a custom entity in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 solution. When I create the field the name is prefixed with an static "new_". I can see that there is a default publisher with this prefix and a custom one with another prefix....

Delete SDK Message Processing Step from MS CRM Plugin

I faced really strange limitation of the MS Dynamics CRM, that is not covered anywhere in documentation. It's is possible to create entities of sdkmessageprocessingstep type from within plugin, thus subscribing plugin to the events on demand, however it's not possible to perform reverse operation — delete these steps, or...

How To Default The Default Queue When Looking At a View For Queue Items?

I have view that returns a filtered sum of Queue Items, which I display on a custom webpage. It is a hyperlink, so if the user clicks on it, it redirects them to the actual view in CRM. Since this is an Advanced Find against queue items, there is a...

Does a method to import/bulk import data into CRM 13 using the same CSV file but only adding new data exist?

I have a situation where I have imported a bulk file of the Account and Contact records into CRM 13, and duplicate detection has kicked back a lot of the info for Contacts as failed because of duplicate data that ties back to the Account record. Here are the steps...

How does a user enable another language than the default, base one?

I went to settings and attempted to change the language in which my user will view the GUI. However, as the image depicts, there was no other choices than the base language, set by default. If that'd be an on-prem environment, I'd try installing a language pack (and, potentially, take...

Get Users Appointment details using javascript onload in CRM 2015

Is there anyway to particular crm users appointment details using javascript ODATA or is there any other way. Thanks Vishnu...

Dynamics CRM 2013 Organization Import Failing

This is a really crazy one, I know I'm grasping at straw here but while importing a org database into our production environment I'm getting the following error. Has anyone seen this before? CrmException System.Net.Socket.SocketException No Such Host is Known at System.Net.DNS.InternalGetHostByName...

Query to fetch emails tracked in CRM

Is there a way to query tracked emails in CRM 2011 or above using SQL(Filtered Views)? Please help.

What's the difference between Entity.Attributes and Entity.FormattedValues?

I'm learning how to write custom workflows and am trying to figure out where and in which format all the values I need are stored. I have noticed that I can access Entity instance data in both the Attributes and FormattedValues properties. How do I know when to use which...

Pre Operation Concurrent Plugins Getting MAXIMUM Existing Field Value For An Entity Records

I am trying to set a field (Record Number) on an entity in Pre-Operation plugin that triggers on create with an incremental number based on previous one. For example if the MAX Previous Record Number is 4 I will set the one being created to 5. I am using LINQ...

CRM C# Close Quote Request : “An unexpected error occurred.”

I need to close the quote in a plugin and I am sure that the quote's status(statecode) is active(not draft).I am using Close Quote Request Message as shown below. CloseQuoteRequest closeQuoteRequest = new CloseQuoteRequest() { QuoteClose=quote, Status=new OptionSetValue(5) }; service.Execute(closeQuoteRequest); When i execute the request, it throws error message:'An unexpected...

Is It Beneficial To Call ExecuteMultipleRequest From Within A Plugin?

I know the ExecuteMultipleRequest is a huge performance booster when performing batch updates from outside of CRM. What I don't know is if it is beneficial to call it from within a CRM plugin. My current understanding is that the main performance gain from using the ExecuteMultipleRequest is in the...

Is there a way of rollback the transaction inside Dynamics CRM plugin without throwing exception?

I need to cancel an operation of creating a new entity record from inside a CRM plugin without throwing an exception. Is there a way of rollback the transaction inside Dynamics CRM plugin without throwing exception? ...

Microsoft Dynamics Error: Developing SSRS report using Report Data Provider

I am trying to create a class coding in AOT in my Microsoft Dynamics AX. What I am doing is to develop a SSRS report in Microsoft DynamicsAX 2012. Hence, for practice purposes I am actually following through this tutorial link: http://www.dynamics101.com/2013/09/developing-ssrs-report-using-report-data-provider-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2012/. Please Help. THank you However, I am getting...

When i run in Notepad++ its giving me error Xrm is undefined.Can anyone help please

function Page__onload() { } if( Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_project").getValue()!=null){ Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_proj").setValue(Xrm.Page.getAttribute ("new_project").getValue()); } function ProjectNumber() { if( Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_projectnumber").getValue()!=null) { Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_projnum").setValue(Xrm.Page.getAttribute ("new_projectnumber").getValue().toString()); } else{ return error; } } ...

Cannot add ServiceActivity to CRM Dynamics solution

I'm trying to customise the Service Activity entity which appears on the Service Calendar in Dynamics CRM 2013. When I open a Solution and click Add Existing, I can see the entity in the list, but when I click Ok I receive a generic error message "An error has occurred.."...

CRM Advanced Find all the icons in wrong place

I've just loaded up the advanced find and I cant click on half the icons/drop downs as they are all in the wrong place. It works fine on other servers and other machines. It appears as if its a CSS problem. Any Ideas ...

CRM 2013 - Getting input from non crm users

We have a CRM 2013 solution. It holds information about supervision/auditing sessions with various third parties. The third parties are not CRM users but it would be valuable to have them pre-answer a line of questions and get that data into the system before the actual session. Does CRM offer...

Using .NET string functions in where clause of LINQ

How can I use .NET frameworks string functions in LINQ query like this? var accounts = from a in orgContext.CreateQuery("account") where a["telephone1"].ToString().Replace("-","") == "1234567890" orderby a["name"] select new { id = a["accountid"], name = a["name"], telephone1 = a["telephone1"]}; This is ending up with error: Invalid 'where' condition. An entity member...

Test & Enable Mailbox in CRM 2013?

In CRM 2013, is "Test & Enable Mailbox" in a Mailbox only for Server Side Sync? My Email Router setup works fine but when I run "Test & Enable Mailbox" I consistently get a Failure status, with the resulting alert stating the following: "The email message "Test Message" cannot be...

CRM Javascript Automatically Populated a Look-up Value with a specific field

I'm trying to write a javascript on CRM Phone Call page. We have a custom look-up field called new_department, and we want to automatically populate the field with value "IT" (there should be one) when the form is opened. The thing is we have a separate Dev and Production CRM...

Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG) in CRM 2013

Sometimes it is useful to have the HTML editor in CRM interface. It is possible to implement the editor directly to CRM 2013. As editor we will use ckeditor which allows to use it without installation on the server.

Why is Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK RetrieveEntityRequest is not returning IsLogical in AttributeMetadata?

Given the following simple CRM SDK code: using (var os = new OrganizationService(CrmConnection.Parse(".... some crm connection ..... ")) { var reReq = new RetrieveEntityRequest(); reReq.EntityFilters = EntityFilters.All; reReq.RetrieveAsIfPublished = true; reReq.LogicalName = "opportunity"; var reRes = os.Execute<RetrieveEntityResponse>(reReq); // null in my case? Console.WriteLine("AccountId: IsLogical = {0}", reRes.EntityMetadata.Attributes[0].IsLogical.Value) } Why does...

CRM 2013 Get CRM URL via Custom Workflow

I have a requirement for getting a CRM URL via a custom workflow to use in the next step which is to send an email. The reason for this is to differentiate to users which server this email has come from (UAT/Live). I have been trying to use HTTPContext route...