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Store a box or dropbox file

I am writing an app engine app which has access both to box and dropbox api. I want to save the file into the google cloud storage. Both of them have the FileOutPutStream as the output stream for the file to download. DropBoxAPI : FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream("magnum-opus.txt"); }try...

Is there a way to tell if a Dropbox chunk upload commit was successful?

At the end of a chunk upload, I use the following command to commit the file: self.restClient.uploadFile(filename, toPath: destDir, withParentRev: nil, fromUploadId: uploadId) Can this commit fail? Is there a success or error method that is run when this method returns?...

Cannot add object as hash value in Rake: TypeError: no implicit conversion of DropboxClient into String

I use the following code for my DropBox in a Rake task: require 'dropbox_sdk' ENV['DROPBOX_APP_ACCESS_KEY'] = 'access key' ENV['DROPBOX_APP_KEY'] = 'key' ENV['DROPBOX_APP_SECRET'] = 'secret' flow = DropboxOAuth2FlowNoRedirect.new(ENV['DROPBOX_APP_KEY'], ENV['DROPBOX_APP_SECRET']) client = DropboxClient.new(ENV['DROPBOX_APP_ACCESS_KEY']) This part is just how you connect. It's from the API documentation and works fine. What's weird though is...

Dropbox API Token flow - no token in response

I'm trying to work with the Dropbox API in my current C# application. At the moment I'm struggling with the OAuth2 authentication (implicit flow). First of all I chose the implicit flow because I develop a pure client-side app and regarding to the API's documentation this flow is made for...

Sending a buffer to the client to download

I have a Buffer download on my Node.js server from Dropbox. I'd like to send that buffer (or convert it to a file and send it) to the client, and have it immediately begin downloading on the client side. What am I missing here? var client = DBoxApp.client(req.session.dbox_access_token); client.get(req.body.id, function(status,...

Check if file exists on Dropbox using Android Dropbox API

I'm not an experienced Java/Android developer and I'm trying to check if a file exists on Dropbox using Dropbox API for Android. I don't manage to find any method in the API to check this. The only way I found how to do this is to use try ... catch...

How to find the member_id value needed for custom header X-Dropbox-Perform-As-Member

I'm developing a dropbox app (accessing a Dropbox for Business account). I need to pass along a custom header, X-Dropbox-Perform-As-Member, which has it's value set to a member ID (or member_id). For the life of me I can't seem to figure out where to find or retrieve this specific value....

Increase the limit of file upload size in Heroku while uploading to Dropbox

I have encountered an issue while uploading files to dropbox through my application that is hosted on Heroku. I wanted to upload approx 100MB files and they aren't being hosted on Heroku itself. I couldn't find anything on docs that'd address this issue entirely. I tried an hack, I created...

How can I download for longer than three minutes with Dropbox?

I'm at a point with my app where i'm able to download files, but there is a problem where if the download is >4 minutes, it times out. I've managed to boil it down to the it being 1 min for iPad auto lock, 3 for the background task. I'm...

Dropbox API Chooser with JS for multiple domains

I want to user Dropbox chooser API for my Ruby on rails application(This is not web app, This will be installed as standalone). Issue is in specifying "Drop-ins domains", which currently i gave as "localhost. But for the machines on which it will be installed "machine name" will be used...

Android Dropbox AccessToken

I have my access token, how do I hard-code it into the app? I am trying to use this but I need 2 tokens(??) on accesstokenpair but there is only one? I am confused, I know you shouldnt hard-code but I am developing the app for personal purpose AppKeyPair appKeys...

Dropbox file meta data from shared link

I've been using the Dropbox Android SDK for some years now. Currently I'm developing an application that receives a shared link from Dropbox's native Android application. Is there any way for me to get that file's (or folder) metadata (e.g., path, size) from the shared link alone? Currently I'm querying...

Dropbox API no longer working, CSRF mismatch

I use the Dropbox PHP SDK. Everything was working fine and suddenly the authentication process no longer works while no changes have been made to the code in this area. I receive the error 'CSRF Mismatch'. When looking at all CSRF tokens in the URL all seems to be correct:...

Dropbox SDK using PHP

I am trying to setup a basic authentication example using Dropbox PHP and I am failing. When I launch my index.php I am redirected to dropbox login. Then once I login, I am redirected back to dropbox_finish.php and I have state and code e.g.: ?state=bKwCAATDb7A5JLHmCj8wgA%3D%3D&code=YQb8c261HlAAAAAAAAAAXAK1OOk6DqK-RtqnJ_SG0F0 Than I get this error...

Dropbox: API permission by folder?

Is it possible to only request access to one folder? Dev guide (https://www.dropbox.com/developers/reference/devguide) talks about permissions by file type but doesn't mention permissions by folder. Dropbox allows sharing of folders through their UI is there application permission setting to get access to a folder through their API?

Is it possible to download or read a file list or directory list from dropbox and export to a file (txt)?

I´m trying to get the list of files from a dropbox folder, I need to get the file name list and the url's from this files. Is it possible? Any idea?

Dropbox API Shared Folders

Shared_folders is not DropboxClient attribute?? Then whose attribute is it?? why I get this error 'DropboxClient' object has no attribute 'shared_folders' And how can I solve this?...

DropboxUnlinkedException - if you have not set an access token pair on the session, or if the user has revoked access

I am trying to upload a file to dropbox. I have configured manifest file, and written the below code. Please help me understand what I am missing here. Activity onClick Intent uploadToDropbox = new Intent(this, SUploadDB2Dropbox.class); startService(uploadToDropbox) ; Service SUploadDB2Dropbox private DropboxAPI<AndroidAuthSession> mDBApi; @Override public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags,...

PHP: Dropbox Token Expired or Does not exist

I am trying to copy a file from localhost to Dropbox account , i'm using curl to generate the token once i get the token i'm using it to upload the file but i'm getting error saying either Token Expired or Does not exist. Here is my code: ## step1.php...

Mulitiple Files upload to Dropbox by PHP API

I was tried to upload files using Dropbox PHP Api . its worked perfectly . Is there any option in Dropbox api for multiple file uploads . or any asynchronous uploading concept is there in php ? . Currently i am using oauth2.0 for app signin . /** * Uploads...

Dropbox Core API Java - cannot get folder size in metadata

I am using the Dropbox core API in Java to create an app. When I try to get the metadata for a folder, I only get the field's name, iconName and mightHaveThumbnail, contrary to Python, which lists all the details. Am I missing something or does the Java API expose...

CORS support for dl.dropboxuserconent.com?

It seems that we can no longer programmatically download content from share links via JavaScript in the browser. Has the method changed? When I try the following links, they no longer return with an Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrt5fei8gsndfqb/test.json?raw=1 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/mrt5fei8gsndfqb/test.json They used to have the correct CORS header. How are we...

Load DropNet user token and secret from a database in a C# WinForms application

I wonder if anyone can help. I'm using DropNet client and I've successfully authorized the app with Dropbox and I've stored the user token and secret within a SQL database so I can access them again as follows: public void Authenticated(Action success, Action<Exception> failure) { Client.GetAccessTokenAsync((accessToken) => { UserToken =...

Get Uploader name

Is it possible to get the uploader name of a file in dropbox? (http://i.imgur.com/rFZ8gll.png) I have the following code to get file info in a form of string, yet need to parse. private string GetResponse(Uri uri) { var oauth = new OAuth(); var requestUri = oauth.SignRequest(uri, _consumerKey, _consumerSecret, _accessToken); var...

Dropbox / Box API direct download file with access token

I'm developping a web application using PHP, Dropbox API and Box API. I already have an access token to use these API. My needs are : 1. Download a file directly from Dropbox / Box server 2. Without being user authenticated in the browser 3. Without having to share the...

Hosting images on Dropbox

I'm looking for a server for hosting images from a webservice that i'm working on. This webservice will need to access the images many times, I'll upload about 4GB of images per day to show to the users. My idea is to host the images over there and get the...

Dropbox Sync api using multiple Activities

I want to use an Activity to verificate the current used dropbox Account: Therefor the first Activity initializes the dbxAccount Object. This instance is than passed on to the second Activity which "should" use this to upload data. Every time the dbxFileSystem is used, the Application crashed down showing a:...

Read and Write Dropbox Files without External Files

All the Dropbox API SO questions and official documentation I have seen only give examples of uploading files that are external to Dropbox and then downloading Dropbox files to external files using put_file and get_file respectively. Is there a way to both read and write files exclusively in the Dropbox...

Directory sandboxed access for Google Drive / Dropbox API / RemoteStorage apps?

Is there a way to get sandboxed, user-selected directory access on any major file service without first getting read level access to their entire filesystem? There's a lot of talk about "unhosted" static webapps that allow users to access their data from a 3rd party file service (Google Drive, Dropbox,...

iOS Dropbox Datastore API: WebKit Exception + Unsupported URL

(Note, this seems related to this question, but is with a different flavor of the Dropbox SDK.) Using the latest version of the Dropbox Datastore API on iOS, I am getting an exception after performing these steps: Successfully connect my app to Dropbox Disconnect my app from Dropbox. Reconnect app...

Mimic Dropbox App video streaming - HTTP live streaming directly trough Mp4

I have mp4 files on my dropbox account and when I play them on my iphone, they are correctly adapted to use Apple's HTTP Live Streaming. I'm trying to do the same on my own app and can't get it to work correctly. I've tried linking from dropbox and from...

How can I detect the particular given dropbox path is file or not using android core API?

I want to detect a particular dropbox path is file or not using android core API.how come this possible ? Any help is appreciated.

Does sharpbox use dropbox syc or datastore apis

Dropbox today announced the deprecation of the sync and data store apis https://blogs.dropbox.com/developers/2015/04/deprecating-the-sync-and-datastore-apis/#disqus_thread Does anyone know if the sharpbox library uses these and will be affected?...

Showing file selection UI : Integrating Dropbox with OAuth 2

I am trying to create a web page which will allow my user to upload a file to my S3 storage. For choosing the file user can use Google Drive, Dropbox and also local system. Am facing issues while implementing the Dropbox part of this. Am using this technique for...

Sync with Dropbox Core API

I'm trying to implement syncing my iOS app's Documents directory with Dropbox, with the Core API. I just need very basic sync functionality, keeping the Documents directory the same as the App’s Dropbox directory. Yet, I'm finding myself having to think about hard sync problems right off the bat, like...

Dropbox issues not able to Upload a text file in Android

The Code is given below,I am getting problem to upload a text file What I able to do -Authentication is working good -Entry response = null; try { response = mDBApi.putFile("/file1234.txt", inputStream, file.length(), null, null); } catch (DropboxException e) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace(); } Log.i("DbExampleLog", "The uploaded...

How to make dropbox authenticate a popup instead of redirect

I'm using Dropbox JavaScript SDK and authenticating the user so I'd get an oauth token. The problem is that when using the client.authenticate(), the user gets redirected to Dropbox instead of a popup. How can it be changed to a popup instead?

loadStreamableURLForFile() in Dropbox iOS SDK does not return anything

i'm trying to get a streamable link URL from an mp3 stored in my Dropbox for an app i'm developing. I use the function loadStreamableURLForFile() but it does not return anything, by the time it's of type void. So how am i supposed to get that streamable URL back? thanks...

Signin to Dropbox using access token

I have used this code (from Spring.NET Social Dropbox) to access Dropbox using a C# Winform application: https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-net-social-dropbox/blob/master/examples/Spring.ConsoleQuickStart/src/Spring.ConsoleQuickStart/Program.cs DropboxServiceProvider dropboxServiceProvider = new DropboxServiceProvider(DropboxAppKey, DropboxAppSecret, AccessLevel.Full); // Authorization without callback url Console.Write("Getting request token..."); OAuthToken oauthToken =...

Add Dropbox SDK to my app already running Chooser API, and is live on store

My iOS app live on store has Chooser API and its working fine. Now I want to add dropbox Upload Feature from within app. Given that there's no Saver API for iOS, I've to user DropboxSDK (Dropbox Core API), but my app on Dropbox App Console has permission type Drop-in,...