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Drag after long press

I want to drag my custom buttons QML after a long press over them. I've implemented that behaviour, however the problem is that after enabling drag, I need to press button once again to actually start dragging. How should I implement this mechanism if I want to move buttons without...

Drag an ImageView horizontally to go to another Activity

I'm using a swipe class to go to second activity Main.Java public class Main extends Activity { @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.main); View v = findViewById(R.id.main); v.setOnTouchListener(new OnSwipeTouchListener(this) { public void onSwipeTop() { Intent i = new Intent(Main.this, Second.class); startActivity(i); public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {...

How to implement a draggable ExtendedOverlayItem on OSMDroid?

I'm developing a feature to drag a map overlay (using ExtendedOverlayItem class), using osmdroid and OSMBonusPack. This question talks about a possible solution: Unable to implement onTouchEvent (Drag & Drop) with Osmdroid So, my questions are: 1 - Where do I put that code? 2 - Should I create a...

zk textbox value empty on drag and drop

i have two textbox: and when i made drag and drop from second textbox to first textbox i see on the screen the value but when i save the page, the first textbox value is empty. In another jsp everything work. Difference between the two jsp: the second one made...

implement drag and double tap on the same view android

I want to implement both drag and double tap event on the EditText but I'm able to implement only either of the two. The idea behind this is as the user double taps the edit text the edit text becomes enable, and with drag he can drag it whereever he...

Separating click from draggable functionality in JQuery

Is there a way to separate a click events functionality from a drag events functionality if they are both attached to the same object? I am adding a class on click. My goal for my application is that when a user has 'clicked' and item, that it's draggable functionality is...

Visio Drag Events Out of Order

Working in Visio, I'm seeing a strange behavior. When dropping the first shape from our stencil onto the page, we do a bit of processing, which takes about 10 seconds. On some machines (typically slower machines or faster ones that are working on another exe simultaneously) we find that after...

Android imageview move drag within the limit

I have long been working the code for dragging the image within the relativelayout with all width and height wrap_content. When it comes to the execution, it shows the blinking arrow image to set the y-position of the imageview within the relative layout. Would you please tell me the way...

Drag and Drop a .PNG image overtop another one in JavaScript

I have a HTML page that contains 2 tables, each table has 6 rows and each row holds 6 (90px by 90px) image. All images are .PNG and ideally I want to be able to drag one image, and have it drop into the other table and overlay the other...

How to drag one viewpager withrespect to another view pager in android

I have two view pager in a Same fragment. Both have same number of Items. My Need is When I Swipe a view pager the other view pager also need to swipe and vice Versa. How Can I implement that.

alignment using StyledDocument in drag and drop java

I tired from search the solution for this: i want to align text pane from left to right however but drag and drop java this is last code i written : ` StyledDocument doc = txtio.getStyledDocument(); Style style = txtio.addStyle("right",null); StyleConstants . setAlignment (style, StyleConstants .ALIGN_RIGHT); try { doc.insertString(0,txtio.getSelectedText(), style);...

Dragging of SKShapeNode Not Smooth

So I am super new to swift and iOS development but not totally new to programming, and was just going through some tutorials, but basically my code looks like this: import SpriteKit class GameScene: SKScene { override func didMoveToView(view: SKView) { let circle = SKShapeNode(circleOfRadius: 30.0) circle.position = CGPointMake(100, 200)...

raphael js drag rotation in Firefox and Internet Explorer

I am new to the SVG and Raphael world and am trying to create a radial dial that has a draggable needle. The drag works fine in Chrome, Safari, and Opera. In Internet Explorer the movement is very jittery and and will often return to it's initial starting position. In...

Restricting a 3D object mouse drag movement to a plane in JavaFX

I'm using JavaFX to move 3D cubes around by mouse drag. The cube should stay on the plane spanned by x and z axis. My solution works fairly well, however if I move the cube too fast with my mouse or when it encounters an object with a certain depth...

How to animate an object vertically with touch like Spotify's music player does when tapping the song,

Im using Xcode, and when i tap/drag on my imageView at the bottom of the screen, I want it to be brought up and reveal all of it on screen similiar to the way Spotify does it when you click the banner at the bottom. Any ideas?

How can I add more buttons for other actions without messing up my virtual joystick?

I've been trying to get this done for a few hours now without any luck. I'm pretty new to Unity3D and C# so that could be the reason why I can't seem to make it work. I have a canvas, and a round button added to it that acts like...

Java Slick2d - how to keep a shape allways inside a window?

I'm moving a circle across the window by dragging it with the mouse. I'm supposed to make it always inside the window. So by the default, when you drag the circle in a way that your mouse exits the frame, half of the circle will disappear (because it exits the...

Resizing div on drag

I have a div element which i need to resize on dragging the border. I pasting the code below. Everything is working fine but as i increase the height the position of elements below the dragged div stays static and the dragged div overlaps them. var cmd = false; var...

Simultaneous Rotate and Translate not working as expected in javafx

I have built the following "system" from Circles and a Line. I am trying to implement just following two transitions in the system. When the Green Circle is dragged, both the Green and Blue circle should rotate about the Red center, in the direction of drag. When the Red center...