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Not able to resolve EnableSessionState is set to true error in all DNN pages

I have already research in Google about this error but couldn't succeed and finally posted here. I have downloaded my live website, database and integrate it in my local environment. I can only see Home Page but not able to see other pages. I’m facing below error in my all...

how to set content edit access and No module setting access in dotnetnuke 7.4

I'm new in dotnetnuke and i have a slider module that has two part,first for it's content control panel which must be editable by site admins and second is the module setting panel itself that must be editable only for host or administrator users,i wonder how can i grant this...

Does DNN Have anything similar to Views in Drupal or ACF in Wordpress?

The company I work for is switching over completely to DNN. All of our websites were previously built in Drupal and Wordpress. I'm looking for DNN equivalents to Views in Drupal and/or Advanced Custom Fields in Wordpress. I did find this DNN extension, which seems like it will get part...

DotNetNuke upgrade from 6.02.09 to 7.40.00

I am trying to upgrade from DontNetNuke from 6.02.09 to 7.40.00 The upgrade process is completed successfully. But when I try to access the website I get the following error " File Error Parameter count does not match Parameter Value count".

Want to install DNN 7 but getting error of Configuration Error

I am trying to install dnn 7 but it gives me a a error of Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately. Parser Error Message: It is an...

DNN Can`t add reference

I am using Christoc DotNetNuke Module and Theme Development Template to create new module for DNN 7 and try to add reference to my external .dll file. I am able to access my library, I have intellisense, everything seem's to be ok, but when I build my solution, it give's...

Getting Error in Angular js + Type Script in http put status 400 using DNN7

I have implememnted a controller using angular js and type script using dot net nuke 7.and trying to call my web api method using http.put but getting error in status as 400. Here is my controller code:- var customerapp = angular.module('CustomerSearch'); module CustomerSearch.controllers { export class CustomerCtrl { static $inject...

How can I debug my code in DNN 7 using breakpoint

I have applied some breakpoints into my Visual Studio Code and use Dot Net Nuke 7. Now I want to debug my code .So how can i debug it. As I have created one controller page and create a page in DNN and trying to access that control as a...