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less bundle is empty in production

I use the following packages in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013: dotless bootstrap less source bundle transformer core bundle transformer less javascript engine switcher for .NET (core/msie) Web optimization framework I create the following bundles in BundleConfig.cs: var nullBuilder = new NullBuilder(); var styleTransformer = new StyleTransformer(); var nullOrderer = new...

less.modifyVars not working in Asp.Net MVC

I have read this tutorial for working with Less in Asp.Net MVC5. To integrate LESS in ASP.NET MVC, I download and install the dotless NuGet package. And then added this bundle: var lessBundle = new Bundle("~/Less").Include("~/Content/Less/*.less"); lessBundle.Transforms.Add(new LessTransform()); lessBundle.Transforms.Add(new CssMinify()); bundles.Add(lessBundle); Here is the LessTransform: public class LessTransform : IBundleTransform...