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Team Foundation Server Change Source Control Invalid Status

I have a new laptop because the old one is crashed. On the old laptop I have a Visual Studio solution that is connected to Team Foundation Server and there were a lot of changed made before I could do a check in. Luckily I made a backup of the...

sql server 2012 go to recovery mode take long time afte reboot

After rebooting server one of the database goes to mode In recovery . The log size is 117 Gig ) When I looked at errorlo the last message was: 2015-03-11 11:27:43.04 spid36s Recovery of database 'XXXx_DW' (10) is 3% complete (approximately 114050 seconds remain). Phase 2 of 3. This is...

Recovering Cassandra Data From Files

I have a development machine that had a single-node Cassandra 2.1.2 setup. The main drive failed, but the secondary drive, mounted at /var, is good. I was able to connect this drive to another system with a working OS and Cassandra install and mount it. I can see the files...