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Wink detection on Google Glass with XE22

I'm trying to use this library: https://github.com/thorikawa/EyeGestureLib but it not works.. When app starts, occurs a NullPointerException on this line of "onStart()" function: mEyeGestureManager.register(target1, mEyeGestureListener); mEyeGestureManager.register(target2, mEyeGestureListener); I've the other code like the appDemo exposed in the github repository and this lines in "onCreate" function: mEyeGestureManager = EyeGestureManager.from(this); mEyeGestureListener =...

Detect keyboard on windows 7 using C#

I have been looking for a way to either detect a touchscreen device (when it uses the pointer device driver instead of a touchscreen display driver) or to detect when a keyboard is present from within C# & WPF. Please note that this is under Windows 7 embedded, not windows...

Cannot use Boost GIL to detect image filetype (exception not caught)

I need to test if a file is a JPEG or PNG and I can not trust the file extension because it might be wrong. To accomplish this I decided to use GIL. Here's the header file declaring (and defining) boost::gil::png_read_dimensions. It clearly states that boost::gil::png_read_dimensions "Throws std::ios_base::failure if the...

HTML5 Canvas Collision Detection

So I have been looking around and trying tutorials but I can't seem to get any collision detection systems to work. If someone would be able to explain what I am doing wrong or any syntax errors that would be great. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Bouncing Ball</title> <style>...

OpenCV, How to delete small pixels and fill whole area of interrest

How can I get rid of small wrong detected pixels and fill my area of interrest what is hematoma in my case? Any ideas? IMAGE: http://postimg.org/image/u168qier1/...

OpenCV HSV weird converted

I am working on project what detect hematoma from skin. I am having issue with color after convertion from RGB to HSV. My algorithm detect hematoma by its color. With some images I have good results like here: Original img: http://imgur.com/WHiOWdj Result img: http://imgur.com/PujbnHa But with some images i have...

How to detect a bending person using Matlab

I'm facing a problem while using a computer vision system toolbox (Matlab) vision.PeopleDetector System object to detect the person when it is bending. Since this tool is to only detect upright person, it failed when the bending posture is not upright. I did try using regionprops that worked with segmented...

Handle a value being changed in a c++ struct

I have a struct that describes how the system should be initialised. I then have a method that returns a reference to said struct so that the user of the final system can change certain options after initialisation. I wish to detect when a value is changed and tell the...

Can TXL be used for code clone detection

Can we use TXL language for code clone detection (especially for analyzing C/C++ codes) considering only Text-based and Token-based Approaches? If yes, then can we further integrate it with a framework to make a final dashboard which can be used to detect the clones....

Extract Point Cloud from a pcl::people::PersonCluster

I am doing a project for the university and I need to extract the point cloud of the people to work with it. I made an ROS node adapting the code of the tutorial Ground based rgdb people detection, and now I want to publish in a topic the point...

how to detect the iPhone is falling down or moving upwards in objc or swift?

how to detect the device is falling down or moving upwards in objc or swift ?The Core Motion only detect the movement when we tilt the device I need to detect the free fall of the device. Is there any relevant sensors calculating the falling speed of the iPhone ?

Java 3D LWJGL collision

I am making a 3D Java game with the LWJGL library, and I was wondering how to add collision detection, so that the player does not go through models. I am using OBJ models. Here is the OBJLoader class, which loads the models: package renderEngine; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.File; import...

How to detect audio transients in iOS

OK, let me try and rephrase this: I'm looking for a method, that takes an audio file as an input, and outputs a list of transients (distinctive peak), based upon a given sensitivity. The audio is a recording of a spoken phrase of for example 5 words. The method would...

Flash actionscript 3, collision detection upon keypress

I am trying to get my character to collide with the walls I have created but I am having difficulties doing so, I have tried using solutions in other threads but none have worked. help please. Essentially I got collision detection working, however it only activates upon clicking, with a...

Detect custom shape OpenCV

I want to find custom shape in OpenCV. Shape is previously defined.I want to detect shape is equal or not equal using WebCam in real time. How can I do that?How to compare pre-defined custom shape and current shape?

detection and counting objects in images using matlab [closed]

my project is to count White fly in an image using matlab, I'm new to image processing so I don't know where to start from , I searched for papers about the topic but I could't find anything useful , my question is to help me start from a point...

simple 2d collision in monogame (using xna pipeline)

I am just starting to learn monogame and I am using the XNA pipeline (search RBWhitiker) to create a 2d platformer, however I have become stuck when trying to get my player to jump on a platform. My player can run past the platform and jump, which is desired. The...