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Does “enable runtime themes” affect performance?

I've recently changed "enable runtime themes" value in the project options and I'm wondering if it's value affects application's performances and, in case, in which manner? Hope someone can clarify me this point.

What is required in Delphi 2007 to use Variant arrays?

I'm a newbie in Delphi, using Delphi 2007. I am learning things related to COM programming, in order to make a basic plugin to a program called Retail Pro. I have a little of background in .NET (C#, ASP), NetBeans (Java, JSF) and PHP. Anyway, I'm following this intro tutorial...

Delphi ntextcat - how to implement

I am trying to access ntextcat dll from Delphi 2007. Registering the dll´s failed (I have tried 32 and 64Bit regsvr32). Importing the typelibrary in Delphi failed as well (as .dll and .Net). Is there anybody out there who got access to ntextcat within Delphi?...

How to convert unicode strings to bytes array and vice versa on Delphi-2007

In delphi XE7, we are converting some values from string to bytes and from bytes to string using: MyBytes := TEncoding.Unicode.GetBytes(MyString); and MyString := TEncoding.Unicode.GetString(MyBytes); I would like to write my own functions that results same values on Delphi-2007. I'm really not skilled about chars encoding, I suppose I should...

How to get a list of all packages required by another package

My application uses runtime packages and I would like to get a list of all packages that are required by one of these. Example: PackA.bpl requires PackB.bpl and PackC.bpl. How can I get packages required from PackA.bpl at runtime? (In this example, they would be PackB.bpl and PackC.bpl)...

Encode base64 and Decode base64 using delphi 2007

I have to encode an array of bytes to a base64 string (and decode this string) on an old Delphi 2007. How could I do? Further Informations: I've tried synapse (As suggested here Binary to Base64 (Delphi))....

How to solve Indy socket error #111 connection refused between Delphi 2007 server and RAD XE7 client?

When I click on the button in the server the debugger shows two threads are started, I'm assuming one is the main thread and the other one is the server's thread, but the ServerExecute procedure is never executed, which I think causes the connection refused error. How can I fix...

Delphi 2007 and Indy10 compile error in IdStackWindows

I've just updated my Indy10 installation to the latest revision (5276) and I now get an error when trying to compile a Windows application. IdStackWindows.pas(2364) Error: E2029 '..' expected but ';' found The issue seems to be the declaration of ka: tcp_keepalive on line 2364 in TIdStackWindows.SetKeepAliveValues. I'm using Delphi...

How to concatenate array of string elements into a string

How should an array of string be converted into string (With separator char)? I mean, is there some system function I can use instead of writing my own function?

Remove empty

I have many xml nodes in an xmldocument. I want to remove all the empty <ul> nodes. How can I accomplish this? Here is a snippet: <li> <a href="javascript:void(0);">Level 1</a> <ul id="subject19"> <li> <a href="javascript:void(0);">Level 2</a> <ul id="subject20"> <li> <a href="javascript:void(0);">Level 3</a> <ul id="subject21"/> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> </li> I...

How to retrieve an XHR response?

Basically, I use Chromium to show a website on which I have no control. When the user clicks on a specific button, an XHR request is sent; and I would like to be able to retrieve the answer. So, let's say that the request sends A and the server replies...