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Solr date variable resolver is not working with MySql

I have used Solr 3.3 version as Data Import Handler(DIH) with Oracle. Its working fine for me. Now I am trying the same with Mysql. With the change in database, I have changed the query used in data-config.xml for MySql. The query has variables which are passed url in http....

Data import in solr from multiple entities

Currently i have a Solr core, which is importing data from multiple entities, i.e 2 different MySQL tables. I have to import data in the same core through 3rd entity which is another core in the same Solr Database. I found a documentation on many different sites which were guiding...

Spring data solr - Full Data import via DIH

I am using solr 4.10.2 and Spring data solr for integration. In order to protect solr, I added an security entry in web.xml. So, did the following changes in the Solrcontext. Note:- We have only one core in our Application. @Configuration @EnableSolrRepositories(basePackages = { "com.wellmanage.mnpi.repository.solr" }, multicoreSupport = true) public...

Subentity SolrEntityProcessor stops working since SolR 5.x

I use a data import like this <dataConfig> <document name="products"> <entity name="outer" dataSource="my_datasource" pk="id" query="..." deltaQuery="..." deltaImportQuery="..." > <entity name="solr" processor="SolrEntityProcessor" url="${solr.core.name}" query="Xid:${outer.Xid}" rows="1" fl="Id,FieldA,FieldB" wt="javabin" /> </entity> </document> </dataConfig> The interesting part is the sub entity, which uses SolrEntityProcessor. Until (including) SoLR 4.10 everything...

DataImportHandler DIH for FileSystem DataSource

I have a fileSystem datasource, and i have created a dataconfig for it to run DIH the dataconfig is <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <dataConfig> <dataSource type="FileDataSource" /> <document> <entity name="pdf" processor="FileListEntityProcessor" baseDir="/path/to/my/pdf" fileName=".*pdf" newerThan="'NOW-3DAYS'" recursive="true" rootEntity="false" dataSource="pdf"> </entity> </document> </dataConfig> and when i run the DIH, it gives Indexing completed. Added/Updated:...

SOLR RSS dataimport handler is not working

I am trying to run RSS example of SOLR 5 which is in side of example-DIH folder. using command sole -e dih when I run import command ( click on execute button ) solr is just showing mw importing ... nothing else. and result is zero documents.