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Using Microsoft Sync Framework for Multiple Offline (LAN-Connected) Local Databases?

I have several computers which, in their production environment, will only be connected to each other via LAN. There will be no Internet connection. Each computer is going to start off with an identical copy of an application with a local database. As the application is used on each computer,...

How to synchronize timers of two programs

I am making an application where I have a client and a server. The client will send some coordinates to the server which will use those to move a robot. What I want is to synchronize the timers, used for time stamping log data, so that I can compare the...

Does Data Synchronization between servers count as distributed system? [closed]

I'm just a little bit confused of this concept. I heard the words "Distributed system" a lot, but I'm not really sure my stuff is kind of "Distributed system". Basically, we have a master server( a very big one) as the front line production server. Then , in order to...