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Crystal Report's 3 Way Formula is not working with a Two-Page Report

I am using this 3 way formula below to get record/s from details section and display in group footer for each group in a report. It is working pretty well BUT NOT WITH A GROUP REPORT CONTAINING OR EXTENDING WITH more than 1 page. Formula 1: In Group Header (Initialise)...

Need to filter data on condition

I have sales data. the orders get sales codes, like if the order came from web chat. We are dealing with orders which had sales rep involved, not automatic online order. Each such order will get a code of 001. then also will get for example 'BCS' so we would...

Crystal Reports will not allow me to select database

Hi I'm trying to create a report and link it to be my database within Visual Studio 2010 but when I try to make the OLE DB (ADO) connection the database does not appear within the Connection Information (Server, UserID, Password and Database) and then when I manually try to...

how to create sorting using hyperlink header text in crystal report?

i have a report, when clicked on the header text will automatically sort by Asc, when I click on it again it will automatically sort by desc. how to make it in crystal report?