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Convert numeric value field in Crystal Reports 2008

I have an Accno field containing the following Numeric Value: 1,147,852,963,369,258.00 But I would like to convert it to: 114785296369258 How can I do that via Formula Fields in Crystal Reports 2008?...

how to create sorting using hyperlink header text in crystal report?

i have a report, when clicked on the header text will automatically sort by Asc, when I click on it again it will automatically sort by desc. how to make it in crystal report?

Crystal report is not showing any records

In my local pc crystal reports works fine , but on server crystal report is not showing any records or error, What will be the possible issue in it?

Crystal Formula to display the latest

A table has workout columns starting from workout1 till workout7. I want to create formula to check the latest workout (higher) and display it in crystal report. For example, check if workout7 have value then display it before any other workout columns else check workout6, If it value, display it...

Query Designer in Visual studio returns column and ssrs text box returns #Error

I have several columns selected in my dataset. Some of which have GROUP_CONCAT like below where the separator is a line break. SELECT column1, GROUP_CONCAT(table.table_column2 SEPARATOR "\n") AS column2 FROM table the result for column2 in the Query Designer of the dataset gives the word Binary surrounded by chevrons and...

Crystal Report's 3 Way Formula is not working with a Two-Page Report

I am using this 3 way formula below to get record/s from details section and display in group footer for each group in a report. It is working pretty well BUT NOT WITH A GROUP REPORT CONTAINING OR EXTENDING WITH more than 1 page. Formula 1: In Group Header (Initialise)...

Crystal Formula field - Splitting a string array of numbers, summing them, and returning the total returns a boolean instead of a number

This is in Crystal reports 2008, all service packs installed. I'm trying to use a formula field to take a string field of space delimited numbers, sum them and return the total. Code below. Always displays true on the report in preview and printed. Not entirely sure if I'm formatting...

Extracting XML field in SQL Server

I have fldxml column in a MIWOD table that contains multiple type of data. How can I display [fldxml] column value as shown below? Routing Drawing 1 C:\Users\XXX\Documents\LETTUCE_WHEEL.pdf Here is how [fldxml] looks like <fields> <field1>1</field1> <field2>C:\Users\XXX\Documents\LETTUCE_WHEEL.pdf</field2> </fields> I want get something like this Routing Drawing: 1 C:\Users\XXX\Documents\LETTUCE_WHEEL.pdf I tried...

Crystal: Sort by multiple groups

Good afternoon all; Currently I have a crystal report that displays as such; {ReceivingHospital} {CallTtype} {Date} {SendingHospital} {Time1} {Time2} I would like it to break down by receiving hospital then beneath that show all "Major" call types and sum them. Then Beneath that all "Moderate" call types with a sum,...

Add Number for Every X line

I've a stupid issue but I can't solve it. I need to add number beside every x records as the following: 1 123123 material1 1 123543 material2 2 123332 material3 2 123432 material4 as you see the first column is a number for every two rows.. I need to do...

(Answered) Gaps and Islands: gap in enrollment, evaluate first record

data: 'student#' 'enrollment date' 'removal date' 1 1/1/2014 1/4/2015 1 1/15/2015 null 2 1/1/2015 1/4/2015 ... I'm looking to show a lapse in enrollment. And created the formula below, which works for all but the first record. :) :( Is there a way to evaluate something that's not there? //...

Searching by date criteria OR Logic

Here is what I am looking to do: I currently have a report that I need to be able to search on either the post date or the admit date and the location. So for this logic I have something like this. The problem I get right now is that...

Formatting the layout of data in a cell, Crystal Reports

I am trying to format the output of my data in crystal reports 2008. Currently, you can see in the picture that the data is in the top left of the cell. I am trying to have the data appear on the bottom left hand spacing of the cell, instead...

Using Subreport in Crystal Report and ASP.NET C#

My main Report and SubReport is very similar to each other, using same parameters and formula the only difference is their order in the derails section. Now When I load the subreport in the report and run it, ASP.NET keeps on asking to enter values for the parameters used. I...