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Switching contact forms generated from shortcode via jquery [Wordpress]

I have 2 contact forms using contact form 7 and I am trying to switch between the 2 of them using a radio button. I have tried the following with normal text but it seems to be acting up with the shortcode. Here is what I have: <p><input type='radio' name='contact_type'...

Contact Form 7 SMS integration with twilio

How do I setup so that I can send out SMS whenever someone has fill in the form? I'm using https://www.twilio.com for the sms. Where do I include the actions in contact form 7 when submitting form? Appreciate any help here, thanks!

How to add options to select field from php array to Contact form 7 Wordpress

I have an one-page site in wordpress. I need to put information from php array $cat_good in two select box. It works ok in index.php file like this: <div> <select id="flowers_type" class="styled"> <option value="">--</option> <?php foreach ( $cat_good as $key => $value) { echo '<option value="' . $key . '">'...

How to add additional settings on error in Contact form 7?

I already know the function 'on_sent_ok' to add jQuery actions when the form is submitted with success. However I want to display a modal window alerting the user when there are submitting erros. There's some function like the one above, but to be called on errors?

Add scores to contact form 7 email results

I've created a website which uses jQuery to ask and score a series of questions. $("#next01").click(function() { if ($("#question01").is(":checked")) { $("p.score01").html("correct"); } else { $("p.score01").html("incorrect"); } }); This obviously changes the content of a paragraph tag to display whether the answer is a correct or incorrect. There is a Contact...

Display a specific form depending on the product category - Woocommerce and Contact Form 7 [closed]

I'm using Woocommerce and Contact Form 7, and I want to embed a specific form in the product description template, depending on the product's category. In other words, for every product under the category "Shoes", I want a specific form called "Contact Form Shoes" to be displayed in the description...

Close Boostrap Modal on Contact Form 7 submit

In a Bootstrap Modal, I have a Contact Form 7. I can not make the Modal is closed after sending the mail. What you do is go to the link of the "action" attribute of the form. I can not delete the "action" attribute that is created dynamically. Perhaps a...

How to hook into Contact Form 7 Before Send

I have a plugin I am writing that I want to interact with Contact Form 7. In my plugin I added the following action add_action add_action("wpcf7_before_send_mail", "wpcf7_do_something_else"); function wpcf7_do_something_else(&$wpcf7_data) { // Here is the variable where the data are stored! var_dump($wpcf7_data); // If you want to skip mailing the data,...

Contact form 7 does not email if dollar used in dropdown

I am using contact form 7 plugin to create form in wordpress. In that form I have many fields, out of which all are not compulsory & after submitting the form an email is sent. One of them is Drop-down(Which is not a compulsory field) having values ranging from $5,000...

How to use onfocous, onblure in contact form 7 wordpress

I am using contact form 7 in a wordpress website. I want to use onfocous and onblure attribute in contact form 7. I have tried a lot, but unable to use it. Please help me. Thanks Tanvir Hasan...

Contact Form 7 submit failed validation

I need Contact Form 7 to send one email when validation has been failed. Then send the normal CF7 email when the form is submitted correctly. Ridiculous I know but clients! I think I'm relatively close with the following: function send_failed_vaildation_email( $data ) { $messagesend = 'Name:' . $_POST['your-name']; $messagesend...

WP - Contact form 7 - Input & Btn next to each other

here my website I´m working on: http://www.whatsahoy.com/ My problem: I want the input field next to the button. If I add a float left, it goes next to each other but with a weird <br>. And then the whole thing is also on the left. I want it to be...

Redirect contact form 7 with javascript

I do not want to use the additional setting because its filled with a bunch of analytics code. I want to my javascript function to fire when the button is clicked. example the contact form 7's button ID is #aircraft_submit. I have tried the following <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery( document ).ready(function()...

Integrate Contact Form 7 with external mailing list (Wordpress)

I need to integrate Contact Form 7 with a newsletter subscribe form so that when a "subscribe" checkbox is ticked, the contact form is sent and the contact details are sent to the newsletter list (similar to how the MailChimp plugin works). The newsletter app provides the following basic HTML...