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Optimize the execution of select

I want optimize this select: Select Dane1, Dane5, Dane6, Dane7 FROM Test INNER JOIN Test2 ON Test.Id=Test2.IdTest WHERE Dane5 > 199850 My database has 2 tables test, test2: test design: Id int ->PRIMARY KEY, Dane1 int, Dane2 int, Dane3 int, Dane4 int, Dane5 int, test2 design: Id int ->PRIMARY KEY,...

Finding “hotspots” in unidimensional list in python

Given a list of pairs of unidimensional coordinates (or segments) like the next: [1]: 1200, 1210 [2]: 1212, 1222 [3]: 1190, 1200 [4]: 300, 310 ... [n]: 800, 810 (where you can take the center of each pair to represent each element) I want to know what algorithm or what...