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Operator '>=' is not defined for type 'Integer' and 'closedxml.excel.ixlrow

I tried to add pagebreak every 13 row with ClosedXML but i got stuck to solve this Dim xrow As Integer = 0 Do Until xrow >= ws.LastRowUsed() ws.PageSetup.AddHorizontalPageBreak(xrow) xrow += 13 Loop am getting the error as Operator '>=' is not defined for type 'Integer' and 'closedxml.excel.ixlrow ...

Conditional Formatting ClosedXML Error

I'm exporting some data from access to excel using CloseXML, Im trying to do a Conditional Formatting with some dates, but I'm getting a NULL EXCEPTION REFERENCE ERROR. Here is what I have. using (OleDbConnection connection = new OleDbConnection(conecctionstring)) { string selectquery = "querystring"; using (OleDbDataAdapter selectCommand = new OleDbDataAdapter(selectquery,...