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Using biicode and clion?

Is there an easy way to use clion (e.g. debugging) in a c++ project using biicode as construction tool? In fact, both systems work with cmake, but biicode generates CMakeLists.txt that clion doesn't seem to understand (the one located in blocks/ nor the temporary one in cmake/). Right now I...

Clion: How to properly add images, xml, resources… to cmake

I can use copy but it doesn't update on each build and symlinks its not a good way to do that. Thanks

How to install CMake on Cygwin?

i have some difficulties to use Cygwin. I need that compiler to use CLion IDE by Netbrains. Can you explain me how to install CMake by the cygwin-terminal ? Thank you ..

CMake's equivalent to Visual Studio's Property Sheets (.vsprops)

I'm trying to migrate from Visual Studio towards Jetbrains' (awesome) CLion IDE which uses CMake to organize the projects. Until now, the transition has been smooth: creating CMake projects and importing them into CLion is easy, and I can begin coding on one plateform then continue on another one without...

CMake issues with trying to include my source files

I am trying to use the CLion IDE on Linux and I am migrating my SFML application over. It insists I use CMake which I am currently having problems with. cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6) project(SFML2) include_directories("${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR} src/") include_directories("${YOUR_DIRECTORY} src") # Define sources and executable set(EXECUTABLE_NAME "SFML") add_executable(${EXECUTABLE_NAME} src/SFML.cpp) # Detect and add...

Google Test separate project - How to get tests running against the C++ project

I am trying to figure out how to run Google Test against my C++ project using CMake. So far I have created a project called Simple and a Google Test project called SimpleTest. For the Simple Project Here's my CMakeLists.txt file: cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.4) project(Simple) set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -std=c++11") set(SOURCE_FILES main.cpp NewCppClass.cpp...

CMake only copies files on reload, not build

I'm using CMake in the CLion IDE, and in my CMakeLists.txt I use the following command in order to copy some resource files into the binary directory: file(COPY ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/res DESTINATION ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}) This works whenever my CMake project is reloaded in CLion. However, whenever I just try to build, the files...

How to include external library (boost) into CLion C++ project with CMake?

I have the following setup for C++ development: OS X Yosemite CLion 140.2310.6 (a cross-plattform C/C++-IDE by JetBrains using CMake as build system) installed boost via brew install boost into /usr/local/Cellar/boost/ Now, my goal is to setup a simple project and include the boost library. I defined just one test.cpp...

Adding library reference to NewT in CMake CMakeLists.txt

I am trying to make a simple TUI using newt. I have installed the newt-dev package: apt-get install libnewt-dev and I beleive it is installed correctly since if I do build using gcc with following commands, it works just fine: gcc -o test main.cpp -lnewt But my simple code does...

Kg to pounds converter build error (CLion)

I've just started to learn the C++ programming language by reading the book "C++ Primer Plus 5th addition" but I'm coming across a problem. The book just started to go into detail with functions, function prototypes, function headers and such.I decided to try and make a KG --> Pounds converter...

CLion cout opens command prompt window instead of using CLion's terminal

When I do cout << "test" in clion and then build it instead of writing it to IDE's terminal like IntelliJ, PHPStorm or any other of the Idea IDEs it opens a new command prompt window, writes it to that and them immediately closes the command prompt window so I...

Issues Configuring CLion, Cmake, and SFML

I am currently trying to configure my Cmake file to include the SFML libraries. My CMakeLists.txt. I'm using OS X Yosemite if that matter at all. cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.4) project(SFMLTest) set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -std=c++11 -stdlib=lib++") set(SOURCE_FILES main.cpp) add_executable(SFMLTest ${SOURCE_FILES}) #Detect and add SFML set(CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/Users/Home/SFML-2.2-osx-clang-universal/cmake/Modules" ${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH}) find_package(SFML 2.2 REQUIRED system window graphics...

clion: exclude files from project view

My Project View in CLion lists not only C++ files and headers but also built libraries (.la) and object files (.o). I don't want to see them. What can I do to make them not appear in the list?

Clion and CMake messages

I just started using the Clion IDE. Maybe this is written somewhere but I haven't seen it in a Google search. If I put a message() call in my CMake script, where in Clion can I see the output? These message calls are the only way that I know how...

Is it possible to develop linux kernel module in CLion?

I want to develop some small linux kernel modules in CLion. For example, I want to compile these files: stack.h: #ifndef _LL_STACK_H #define _LL_STACK_H #include <linux/list.h> typedef struct stack_entry { struct list_head lh; void *data; } stack_entry_t; stack_entry_t* create_stack_entry(void *data); void delete_stack_entry(stack_entry_t *entry); void stack_push(struct list_head *stack, stack_entry_t *entry); stack_entry_t*...

Trying to open a file in C++, but the file cannot be found

I have an algorithm in C++ (main.cpp) and I use CLion to compile and run it. Algorithm would read strings from text file, but there is a mistake: Could not open data.txt (file exists and placed in one folder with main.cpp) How can I fix it and make this file...