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jQuery click and load function do not work

I'm trying to load text from a txt document to a div using this code: $(document).ready(function(){ $('button').click(function(){ $('#contenthere').load('Load.txt'); }); }); html: <button> click me! </button> <div id="contenthere">//Load.txt should load here!</div> txt: If this text is loaded then you've managed to succefully use jQuery! The click function is working but the...

Clickable outline around Snap SVG path

Currently I create a small modeling tool using Snap SVG. var p = Snap.path(pathString).attr({fill:'none', stroke:'black', strokeWidth:1}); creates connections between other elements. Every element, including the paths are clickable. Since it is hard to click exactly the path I tried to create an invisible outline around the path using Snap.filter.shadow so...

Handling events for mouse click and keydown or keypress (for non-modifier keys)

I am new to JS and trying to learn on my own - thanks for any help! I am trying to have a simple program respond to a click differently depending on what other key is pressed at the time of the mouse click. I have searched far and wide...

How to Click a List Item Where Title Attribute Equals a Specific Variable Using Javascript/Jquery?

I've got the following lists in my web application: <li class="ui-corner-all" title="#3100ff" style="border: none; background-color: rgb(144, 0, 255);"></li> <li class="ui-corner-all" title="#9330ff" style="border: none; background-color: rgb(144, 0, 255);"></li> <li class="ui-corner-all" title="#500055" style="border: none; background-color: rgb(144, 0, 255);"></li> Basically, I am trying to get JS and/or JQuery to click the list item...

on(click, …) not working on dynamic div

I'm attempting to perform a jQuery click function inside a dynamically loaded div. I've looked and implemented many of the tactics I've run across to no avail, the last being here. The code that I'm running to load the div: $(window).load(function(){ function showitusers() { $("#creatorsettingsdiv").load('http://XX.XX.XX.XX/quizzes/js/creatorusersdiv.php'); } $("#creatorsettingsusersbutton").click(function() { var usersvar...

How to preload and