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Can't find default stream when rebasing development stream

When I go to rebase my development stream with the latest baseline, the current integration stream does not automatically show up. Instead I get a list of all the available streams. When I select the integration stream from the list, I get the following error: Because this stream has no...

How to increase column width when performing text mode merge with ClearCase?

For automation/scripting purposes I rebase my ClearCase snapshot view on the UNIX command line using: cleartool rebase -recommended -complete Sometimes, while this command runs, even if my snapshot view does not contain any changes at all, I get prompted for manual input to solve some merge conflicts. E.g. "Do you...

“Permission denied” Error during calling omake in Jenkins

The situation is, the batch command file containing execution with omake.exe is located in an clearcase view. Calling this bat file from dos command window works quite fine, but if I call the same bat file from Jenkins job, I get following error message: Started by user XXXXXXX [EnvInject] -...

List of UnLabelled files in Clear case reporting wizard

Using clear case reporting wizard how could i retreive the list of unlabelled files in a branch from a specific date?

Rename CCRC label to an existing label name to merge code

In CCRC we have a "MainBranch" from main Branch we took a branch named "branch1" with label "label1" and we started checking into that. The main branch also having a label with the same label name "label1".So we created another label "label2" in the same branch "branch1" and checked in...

Problems performing clearcase operation

I am not able to add Connectors VOB to my load rules. Getting this CCRC Error when loading connectors. getting error like : Clearcase CM Server :Error :Unable to determine version for VOB root directory Clearcase CM Server :Error :Unable to access "\Connectors":No such file or directory. Clearcase CM Server:Error...

Lock or unlock a directory and its content recursively

Using ClearCase, how can I lock (or unlock) a directory and its complete content recursively? (It seems to me that neither the GUI nor cleartool supports recursive (un)locking, so probably I would have to write a batch file recursing over all the content of a directory. Maybe I overlooked something?)...

How to add a file to ClearCase database, but not in source control?

On my project I have some files that are generated automatically, so you'd normally don't put those in Source Control. But since this process takes a long time and they change quite periodically, I'd rather keep them in Clear Case database to not impose this process to every one that...

How to view difference between local hijacked file and the server copy of the file in clearcase

Presently I follow this process: Right click the root of the project and click on Find Modified Files. Then in the ClearCase Snapshot View Update window, the modified (hijacked) files are shown. By right click on the file name and click on Compare with Old Version, difference between local hijacked...

Cleartool annotate command giving error - Not an object in a vob:“java file”

I am new to clearcase and I am trying to generate a blame file using annotate command, but I am getting the following error : cleartool: Error: Not an object in a vob: "App.java" I followed these steps : Created a view in clearcase explorer Browsed to the location (C:\test_view)...

Unable to deliver stream : error detected by clearacase subsytem

I am getting error while deliver operation for activity. PFA screen shot for more details. How would you avoid this error? Transcript, for search purposes: Unable to deliver stream "BMG_NONCE": error detected by ClearCase subsystem ccweb: Warning: Please ensure that the target snapshot view "Nonce_deployment_intg" is up to date and...

Can we say that a git revert merges the old previous commits on top of the reverted commit?

I'm trying to wrap my head around git revert. I'm coming from a Clearcase background where to undo a bad commit, you would either: check in the old versions of the files on top of the bad committed files (only file level commits on Clearcase) Delete the element that was...

How to check if a file is checked out (Clearcase / Python)

I guess the title sufficiently sums up my question. I have working code to automatically check out a file: p = Popen(['cleartool', 'co', pathname], stdin = PIPE) p.communicate('comment for checkout') I'm wondering how to check if the file is already checked out before executing this. Thanks in advance everyone!...

How to copy the contents of a label in Base clearcase VOB?

We want all label contents of Base Clearcase VOB. I created a View for the VOB and edited the config.spec document as element * checkedout element * label_ID element * /main/latest But it brings all the components associated with the VOB and not with the label. How to select only...

How to ask cleartool lsvtree to show the author's name

How to list the ClearCase versions including the author of each change ? I tried lsvtree -all which doesn't give me this information. ...

ClearCase find query: does “created_since” look for creation or check in date?

In ClearCase I can search for changed files with the command cleartool find . -version "created_since(DATE)" -print However, I am not sure if this "created_since" looks for the check-in date or the creation date of the file. Imagine I have created a file on Monday and didn't add it to...

ClearCase Structure for Test Automation

I am new to ClearCase, and I just want to know the best practice to set up ClearCase for test automation. I have a Java project called TestAutomationCommon. This is a library that will be shared by all automation projects. Then there is application specific projects. Each application will have...

Error while connecting to ClearCase(CCRC) via STS eclipse

Getting below error in the log while connecting to ClearCase(CCRC) via STS eclipse. Spring Tool Suite Version: 3.6.2.RELEASE Build Id: 201410091308 Platform: Eclipse Luna SR1 (4.4.1) ClearCase Version: Error !ENTRY org.eclipse.jface 4 0 2015-02-05 10:25:39.807 !MESSAGE Unhandled event loop exception during blocked modal context. !STACK 0 org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Failed to...

Comparing baseline differences including file contents

I know that I can use the diffbl command to compare two baselines. But how can I also ask the command to print out the diffs of all the files that were different? Is this even possible or do I need to write a script or something? Any pointers?...

What is equivalent of “Clearcase Stream Attribute” in git

We use ClearCase UCM and slowly switching to git. We use ClearCase attributes heavily. For example MailTo attribute added to a Stream. We query this and send emails in case build failure or SCM activity like new recommended baselines. Is there a similar construct in git? What is it? ...

ClearCase: Find all versions of a file newer than labelled version

Suppose I have a file with versions 0 to 4. On version 2 I applied a label called mylabel. Now I want to do a find query using cleartool which gives me all versions created after my labelled version 2. That is I only want to get versions 3 and...

ClearCase Config Spec: load only files with specific label from certain directory

Suppose I have a VOB foo/. In this VOB lies a directory bar/ which contains labeled and non-labeled files. But bar/ is not the only directory in foo/, but all others don't have labeled files. Is there a way to write a config spec with the following behaviour: load all...

How to get a version tree for a file in git?

In clearcase I could just run branchlocation>cleartool vtree <filename> And a version tree would pop up showing me the merges for that file. I want to do the equivalent in git. I think it is something to do with git read-tree - but that doesn't look like what I'm looking...

Get the ClearCase VOB of an activity, stream or stream location with cleartool

I'm trying to write a script to get the vob with the help of cleartool. I have the activity id, the stream name and the stream location as input. From this I need to get the vob. cleartool lsvob -short is pretty much what I need, but I only need...

How to see permissions in cleartool

I tried ls command, but it doesn't actually show permissions for VOB elements. I cannot understand what command to use in order to see the permissions. Can somebody help me?

How to debug the error “The requested property 'current-activity' is not available”?

My Project is using IBM ClearCase as version control tool. I recently checked in some of the files, modified them and even checked out the modified files. Next day when I try to check in some of the files, I am getting the following error : the property is not...

clearfsimport does not remove files at the component root dir

I am using this command line to import files into a VOB: clearfsimport -recurse -rmname -nsetevent -filter <sourceDir>/* <vobComponentRootDir> Content of sourceDir: fileA fileB Content of vobComponentRootDir before import: fileC Content of vobComponentRootDir after import: fileA fileB fileC fileC is not removed, despite I used '-rmname' option. I suspect it...

How can I apply a label to elements selected by a particular configspec rule in ClearCase?

I need to apply a label to a particular set of elements in a VOB that are selected by a line in my configspec. I have other lines as well, in my configspec. For example, let's say here's my configspec. element * .../bugfixesApril/LATEST element * WORK122014_v2 How do I apply...

How to work with recommended baselines using Jenkins ClearCase plugin?

I'm using Jenkins 1.596 with ClearCase Plug-in 1.5.3. SCM is UCM ClearCase. My job is currently polling against the stream and if new work has been delivered, it will create a new view. Developers manually recommend baselines. Is it possible to poll for the event of baseline recommendation? When view...

How to avoid clearcase to have never_merge_binary element type?

Every time I create an element, it is created with the "never_merge_binary" element type. How can I avoid this in future to have it "compressed_file" rather than "never_merge_binary"? What param in C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\config\magic\default.magic does this?...

ClearCase label problems: nobody except me can observe the files I labeled

I made a branch with a cleartool cmd line utility with: cleartool> mkbrtype BRANCH_NAME cleartool> mkbranch BRANCH_NAME Next I specified mkbranch in the configspec for the view I am working with like element * .../BRANCH_NAME/LATEST mkbranch BRANCH_NAME element /vob_name initial_label end mkbranch Next I checked out files of interest, applied...

How to get the logs in XML file in cleartool. I want the output of command cleartool lshistory in XML file

I am trying command cleartool lshistory > file.txt through this I am getting the file in text format similarly I want the log file in XML format.

If i lock and obsolete the clearcase activities, do they get delivered to the parent stream if i execute delivery command?

I have this situation that I have 10 activities in my stream. But I don't want to deliver 5 activities since the code from the 5 activities already exist in the parent stream. If i lock and obsolete those 5 activities that I don't need to deliver, will it resolve...

Cleartool findmerge select changes from file 2 by default in all cases?

So I have a branch is that is dreadfully out of date with the rest of the world. I'd love to simply create a new branch and merge over... but that task would be even larger... anyways what I'm trying to figure out is if I can set findmerge to...

How to see eclipsed files on ClearTeam Explorer?

I have an eclipsed file in my ClearCase dynamic view. If I use ClearCase Explorer, I see it's eclipsed (the yellow moon icon). If I check the command-line, I see it's eclipsed indeed. When I use ClearTeam Explorer, it does not specify it's eclipsed (no text, icon or something like...

Merge all files from a branch into main(using a command/script) cleartool

I want to merge all files from a particular branch to main using a script or a command. Is there a way to do it without checking out each file in target or should i do each file manually.

What needs to be considered for a Clearcase to GIT migration? [closed]

I would like to migrate from base Clearcase to GIT without missing any directory. Is there any process for this? Does any tool supports this process?...

How ClearCase identify hijacked files?

One says an hijacked file is a file where the "Read Only" flag has been removed. I tried to remove the "Read Only" flag (Windows) and ClearCase does not recognize it as hijacked. Then I tried to touch the file using Cygwin without actually changing any mode flags. This time...

How to move a ClearCase vob when UNC style sharing is not allowed?

I am going to move a ClearCase vob from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008 server within same domain. But, I cannot access vob storage directory from windows 2008 server using \\hostname. But I cannot use \\ here as it doesn't work. It allows file transfer only over RDP. Please advise...

Clearcase trigger: locked vs obsolete

According to IBM technote 21468084, a trigger should be unlocked to operate are locked (obsolete) to be disabled. The ClearCase help for lock also says: In general, locking a trigger type does not inhibit triggers of that type from firing. Exception: Trigger firing is inhibited if a trigger type created...

Findmerge graphical using paramiko

I have a script on a remote clearcase server which I execute using paramiko invoke_shell.The script contains a cleartool findmerge command graphical but the graphical window never opens though I used x11 forwarding. It waits forever.I even added the checkout comments for the merge. I want the graphical window to...

Toward an ideal workflow with ClearCase and Git

Introduction This is more than a fact, using ClearCase (not UCM) as main SCM for large projects maintained by few people is a pretty not efficient solution. When it's Corporate Standard, we are stuck with it and we need to find an efficient workaround. The usual workflow with ClearCase consists...

same clearcase vob in two windows servers

is it possible to have a copy of the vob in a different machine for testing purpose ? I know I can move the vob to another server using moving a vob But , doing this makes the vob unavailable at the original location. So, a live vob cannot be...