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Is there a bug in Play2 testing with FakeRequests and chunked responses (Enumerator)?

I ran into an issue with Play 2.3.7 when testing an Action that returns a chunked response using an enumerator: def text = Action { Ok.chunked(Enumerator("abc")) } Using curl http://localhost:9000/text I get the expected result: abc but the following test: class ApplicationSpec extends Specification { "Application" should { "stream text"...


For the past two months, I have been receiving the following error on Chrome's developer console: net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING Symptoms: Pages not loading. Truncated CSS and JS files. Pages hanging. Server environment: Apache 2.2.22 PHP Ubuntu This is happening to me on our in-house Apache server. It is not happening to anybody...

Handle chunked data sent by Play scala with AngularJs

I send chunked data with Play Scala 2.2 to the client side like this : Ok.chunked(data) I would like to use them as soon as they are available on the client side. If I just get the data and print them on .success, they are printed at the same time...