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It there a built in Git command for checking out a Git ref or branch into a non git directory?

I am compiling source from a local git mirror in a separate directory, ie I don't do any work in the Git directory, I just need the source code from it. Of course I go into the Git directory, check out the ref I want and copy it into the...

Magento saveOrderAction() ajax response xx{“success”:true,“error”:false}

Im using magneto community 1.7.2, and when i hit the confirm order button saveOrder response is xx{"success":true,"error":false} and its not redirecting to the success page. anyone have any idea why this could be happening

Intellij checkout from github

I am using Intellij Idea Ultimate edition 14.0.3. my Git plugin tests successfully but when I create a new workspace and try to checkout my project using Github it gives me an error - Service unavailable I have tried using both Auth Types - Password and Token, but looks like...

undo git pull of wrong branch onto master

I have pulled from a different branch from the remote. The 2 branches are different yet the merge happened silently on my current branch. I am currently working on the "master" branch locally, and it has been updated with the changes of the remote branch - "FE_Changes". How do I...

Is it a good practise store the checkout steps fields in php $_SESSION?

I have my e-commerce site with three checkout steps, each button to continue is a POST action and redirect to the next step: if the user navigates by the checkout steps (click on the previous button for example), the form fields don´t show the data posted previously. This form fields...

How to disable visualstudio.com stored project's multiple check-out default effect all users?

Im doing this from workspace manual for all my project. And my colleague making same. Cant i set defaul somewhere when i'm creating project? or from .visualstudio.com ? Thanks

Paypal Express Checkout not sending money now live

Please help. I have recently updated the paypal express checkout system on my website (where it leaves the website to go to paypal for payment, then returns). It was all working fine in sandbox. I went to put it live, and I have found the correct API credentials, but it...

Jenkins org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNException: svn: E175002: Processing REPORT request response failed

After upgrading our svn server to version 1.8 we have started to receive build failures. This happens to be occurred in every build project we defined. Note that we are using Jenkins CI v.1.602(installed on Windows 8 x64 OS) and Subversion Plugin v.2.5 for Jenkins. The stack trace from the...

How to checkout project from head using CVS command using windows command prompt

I searched extensively to resolve my issue, However could not find any solution. Requirement: Need to checkout ADM project from HEAD. CVS server name: cvs02dv (CVS is installed on windows) CVS server directory: c:\cvs\dev (The location were all the files can be accessed using eclipse or any CVS client tool...

Woocommerce custom checkout field based on country

I have an ecommerce webiste using woocommerce In the checkout page I need to activate a custom required field "Codice Fiscale" if the billing country is set to "Italy", otherwise that extra field must be removed The code in my child theme functions.php is add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields' , 'field_cfpiva1' ); function...

Git checkout — recover lost files

I accidentaly deleted local file changes on git repository. They were NOT commited or even pushed. What I did: git status (then files not staged for commit showed and I accidentaly removed whole folder called "smdr" by this comand): git checkout -- smdr Then files changes disappeared. How can I...

Server to test my app

I am trying to upload my app on Heroku, but when I clone it from Github I get the following errors: error: unable to create a file (Permission denied) fatal: unable to checkout working tree warning: Clone succeeded but checkout failed Maybe the problem can be that I can edit...

woocommerce add filter to set paypal credit card form as default payment method

I've been trying to add a filter to my woocommerce code to prevent the form from sending the customer email address to paypal. (Im using paypal standard). Supposedly this will cause the credit card form to be the default display instead of the 'sign in to paypal' option. I've found...

Adding the onepage checkout on product page

I have encounter a slight problem regarding magento checkout process. Currently I am using the list.phtml file to add orders into the cart, and upon changing the product, the cart is emptied and the newly selected product is added. I do this via this functionality: this is the form for...

Magento show div on checkout from observer

I am writing a custom Magento module to check if a guest user is using an already registered email address. The module uses the controller_action_predispatch_checkout_onepage_saveBilling observer to do the checks. What I’m struggling with is how to show (or dynamically insert) a div with an error message somewhere at the...

how to get checkout cart specific item totat price?

I have a custom html I want to implement this html into checkout cart page . I have implement it but i cant get cart item total price , eg. I have 5 item in cart . I have updated only one specific item in the cart then I don’t...

Finding hash for git checkout

I am working through the git immersion tutorial. We are up to checking out a branch. The instructions say to type the following $ git checkout <hash> $ cat hello.rb It says that the command depends on the has values in the repo and my hash values will be different...