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what frameworks or libraries required for making chat messenger ios

I want to ask which frameworks and libraries required for making chat messenger in IOS.I want to make chat messenger.Please help me.

According to TLD tag test must be empty [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to use the JSTL “if” tag without getting “..attribute test does not accept any expressions” 1 answer I have this jsp file in my college project, and when trying to run it, I'm getting this error: According to TLD or attribute...

MQTT for Android chat applications / Limiting topic access

I'm trying to create a chat application for android using MQTT, but there is limited information on how to do that. So far I've set up the MQTT broker but any user can listen and publish to any topics they would like (surely that's not what one wants in chat...

Signalr send message to client in multiple tabs

I'm trying to figure out how to send a message to one client that is connected in multiple tabs using SignalR. The problem is when I send the message to the specific client, it only gets to the first tab instead of the current tab of the clients browser. Here...

hide the inputToolbar in JSQMessagesViewController

I am using JSQMessagesViewController for my chat application. When there is no internet activity I would like to hide the inputToolbar I tried this, but that does not work: self.inputToolbar.frame.size = CGSize(width: 0,height: 0) When I set this, then for less than a second it's gone: self.inputToolbar.preferredDefaultHeight = 0 Any...

QuickBlox Chat not logging in

I'm working on swift and quickblox and I'm trying to have chatting occur between users. The user authentication and sign in is working its just that the chat isn't Logging in for some reason Code in question: QBRequest.createSessionWithExtendedParameters(parameters, successBlock: { (response : QBResponse! ,session : QBASession!) -> Void in var...

Using sockets to build real time chat for iOS?

If I wanted to build a real time chat app for iOS using Objective-C, what would be the best way of going about it?

best way to update chat room quickly, and reliably?

I am working on a basic chatting service, it is basically a school project, and it is going to be used amongst students. I have been quite successful, however i have had one problem. Updating the chatroom. In many of my tests it tends to use up to 10 seconds...

Drupalchat causing unlimited number of guest users?

After launching my site, I noticed that the guest users jump from 0 to 45 in seconds. It seems to increase without ever stopping. It worked fine locally, but it seems that the "Sessions" aren't sticking and it's thinking each user is a new user. I'm using Centos, with Drupal...

CSS with IPhone Chat layout

I'm trying to create a page wich will be used to send/receive SMS, I want to show when each SMS was sent/received but I can't seem to be able to align the date right... Here is my jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/xazvruqj/2/ EDIT: My jsfiddle was missing the actual CSS ... This part...

Mark all messages read in QuickBlox iOS

I am developing an chat base application with the help of QuickBlox. There is an Api that returns chat dialogs where the last sent message and unread-messages count comes. My problem is to mark messages as read. For this i got the working code like [QBChat markMessagesAsRead:arrMessages dialogID:dialogId delegate:self]; //...

Free library for chat in android? [closed]

I want to implement a chat module in my existing app. I have found a way of doing it with GCM & socket programming But i want implement using a plugin or library. Is there any Free library available for android ?

How to add a Text into a List from another Client or Server?

I am trying to program my own chat but I can't get the text from one client to the next. I have the chat as a list but I can't add it. If you know how to solve it or have a idea that might work, I would love to...

How to implement a chat list view with heterogenous row types (image video and text) using listview?

I'm building a normal chat application. Image,text and videos can be sent hence I need multiple row styles in my list. I used listview. But Listview returned (after recycling rows) wrong rows many times and my attempt failed. Any Idea how to do this? Can this be done using RecyclerView?...

VB.NET webbrowser: HTML of DocumentText is inaccurate, compared to inspecting elements in a browser

I'm trying to read messages sent by strangers on Omegle. A random "chat with strangers" website. I've displayed the DocumentText of my webbrowser (called Omegle) in a textbox called OmegleHTML: Private Sub Omegle_DocumentCompleted(sender As Object, e As WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs) Handles Omegle.DocumentCompleted OmegleHTML.Text = Omegle.DocumentText Me.Text = Omegle.Document.Title End Sub I've also...

Samck 4.1 error while connecting to openfire server (org.jivesoftware.smack.sasl.SASLErrorException: SASLError using DIGEST-MD5: not-authorized)

public void connect(){ AsyncTask connectionThread = new AsyncTask(){ @Override protected Boolean doInBackground(Void... arg0){ boolean isConnected = false; StrictMode.ThreadPolicy policy = new StrictMode.ThreadPolicy.Builder().permitAll().build(); StrictMode.setThreadPolicy(policy); XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration.Builder configBuilder = XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration.builder(); configBuilder.setUsernameAndPassword("ahsan", "vbase123"); configBuilder.setSecurityMode(ConnectionConfiguration.SecurityMode.disabled);...

How to add a searchbar to JSQMessagesViewController

In my chat application I am using JSQMessagesViewController for rendering the conversation. The application also has public messages that I want to search in. I am now trying to display them using JSQMessagesViewController. For this I want to hide the inputToolbar (that works) and add a search bar. How do...

Wireless (Wifi) Chat Application

I am a fellow Android developer and want to develop a similar app like Firechat for educational purposes I just want to know what kind of packages and techniques I need to learn to develop a app like this App Features : I Need to discover the phones which Have...

3rd Party Library for chat with syncing to other device

I am working on chat application. I have chat syncing option like skype. suppose I am logged in Device A and I have done chat from this device. now when I logged in Device B at that time all the chat history will be synced in device B. Problem with...

Implementing multi user chat in iPad App

I have an iPad app. I'm planning to add a group chat feature to it. This means 1)users can create or join a group 2)Can text or send audio clips to other users logged into the app. I'm looking for pointers on how to go about implementing this. I read...

QuickBlox: How to get all members of room?

How can we get all member of room in QuickBlox iOS SDK. In web SDk of QuickBlox we can find by bellow link. but I am not able to find same for iOS SDK http://quickblox.com/developers/Web_XMPP_Chat_Sample#Managing_members Any help will be appreciated....

CSS: Position Dynamically Sized div to Bottom of Static Div

I'm adding chat functionality to my WebSocket based web app. In conventional chat windows, the eldest message is at the top of the window and the newest at the bottom. My implementation should share this typical, top to bottom element order. However, in conventional chat windows, the eldest message sticks...

Mysterious number of chars read with read() in simple chat in C?

I have coded a simple TCP chat in C language. The server's job is to receive messages from the client and to send them back in reverse order. The result should look like this: Client: "Hello" Server: "olleH" When I apply "strlen()" to "olleH", the returned length is not 5,...

Redirect all Skype Messages from one profile to another

As the title says, is there a way to redirect all skype messages I receive from one profile to another ? The Skype support states that you can activate SMS messages which will get redirected but I just want simple chat messages to be redirected from one profile to another...

How to show div with date at the beginning of a conversation and every time the conversation is active again on another date

I am making a chat application with AngularJS and JavaScript and when you begin a conversation with someone I want to show a div (blue date in the picture) to show indicating at what date the conversation has begon. And when the conversation is over and started again on another...

NameError: name 'record' is not defined. Python 3

I've been trying everything I can to run this code, but I can't figure out what the issue is. It's a server/client chat program in python 3. The error I'm getting is: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/nate/Desktop/soc_chat/server_soc.py", line 48,<module> handler = ClientHandler(client, record) NameError: name 'record' is not...

cannot call method 'on' of undefined at object

When I try to run node app.js in my node.js command prompt, I get an error saying cannot call method 'on' of undefined at object Here's my code: var express = require('express'), app = express(), server = require('http').createServer(app), io = require('socket.io').listen(server); server.listen(3000); app.get('/', function(req, res) { res.sendfile(__dirname + '/index.html'); });...

Python IRC bot for Twitch receiving two messages in one output

So I've created a Chat bot for Twitch.tv which has been working fine for multiple months until a couple of days ago. Either the chat is too flooded or twitch changed something with the way they send messages. Either way, in every message received I add a new line when...

Send/sync variable/text over LAN in Python 3 [closed]

OK, I wanted to make an python application that allows me to send a message over LAN. Here's the code that "works" "locally" (imagine that I'm forming 2 of my fingers to make an " on those 2 words) username = input("username: ") run = 1 while run == 1:...

Exampels on a Server-Client-Chat applikation on JAVA [closed]

I have been "googeling" around for a long time for examples over Server-client-chat application, but I can't really understand them. Many of them are using a class and creates the GUI from it, and I don't want to copy straight from it. Alot of examples doesn't either really explain how...

Need to extract text messages out of an HTML document

Hello, I have a long HTML document, this is only the part that interests me: <iframe class="goog-te-menu-frame skiptranslate" src="javascript:void(0)" frameborder="0" style="display: none; visibility: visible;"></iframe><div class="chatbox3"><div class="chatbox2"><div class="chatbox"><div class="logwrapper" style="top: 89px; margin-right: 168px;"><div class="logbox"><div style="position: relative; min-height: 100%;"><div class="logitem"><p class="statuslog">You're now...

How to check that which PFUsers are currently using my iOS application or logged-In status?

I am developing a iOS base Chat Application, where i want to Display the current online/offline status of my application user. For database i am using parse.com where all chat records and User details are stored.

Concurrent connections in signalR hub

I have o chat application made with angular and signalR 2. I have a problem when I try to connect simultaneous more then 5 user an application in same browser (Chrome). On the sixth connection I see in Chrome console next text: [17:14:09 GMT+0200 (GTB Standard Time)] SignalR: Client subscribed...

QuickBlox Android NoResponse

I'm developing a simple Android based chat application using QuickBlox. For that I have created a Quickblox Free account. Now sometimes when I try to login to the chat service I get following error. Any idea on this ? 03-15 15:58:37.589 15897-16016/com.ne.chatapp D/QBASDK﹕ Connecting to chat.. 03-15 15:58:43.499 15897-16020/com.ne.chatapp D/SMACK﹕...

Android quickblox public chat dialog occupants ids null

I have created a public chat using QBDialog Type QBDialogType.PUBLIC_GROUP, and Group is created successfully.ALso all the users are able to chat in this Group. But my problem is that when i am getting this group the occupants id Array is null. I am using below code to get the...

Quickblox messages with russian language

I'm using QuickBlox as a clock backend for my chap-application. But now I've met a problem that when user write message on Russsian language, it contains only "?????" symbols instead of real message. Looks like problem is with encoding. Any ideas or alternative for mobile chat backend platform?...

IF in WHERE clause

del=0 - not deleted, del=1 - sender and reciever deleted message, del=2 - sender deleted message, del=3 - receiver deleted message. My code is SELECT * FROM messages WHERE (`from` = :owner AND `to` = :partner) OR (`from` = :partner AND `to` = :owner) AND IF(`from` = :owner,`del`=3 OR `del`=0,`del`=2...

Mysql Public User chat to friend chat

I currently followed a tutorial for a public user chat where it uses Msg_ID, Sender, Message. Sender being the name. I currently have a friend table where: ID, my_id, friend_id. But am unsure how to alter the chat so it's only sent to the recipient vice versa. And I have...

jquery chat with time

I have one simple chat worked with jquery, PHP and MySQLi... All working perfect, but I need too add time of sender message like or ps. If I am on wrong place please tell me how and where I can write. Here is all code what I have in files,...

How to get jQuery chat to respond to me

I am trying to build a front end chat feature on my mobile app. I have been following a youtube series on how to do it, but at video 14 the gentleman went in a different direction than I wanted. I want to be the first person to type, and...

Java chat program giving me Connection Refused [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: RMI connection refused on localhost 1 answer I am trying to build a java chat program. I have 7 classes for server and client altogether. My errors are as follows when I run any class Exception in thread "main" java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused...

best ios SDK for chat used for App [closed]

I am creating e-commerce type App.i want to create a live text chat between user and customer care executive.which is best free/paid ios SDK for this.Please suggest.Thanks in Advance.

C# WPF ListBox Chat

I'm working on C# WPF Chat application. I want it to look like Skype chat, so last added item is touching the bottom of ListBox. Screenshot: <ListBox Name="ListBoxMain" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <WrapPanel> <TextBlock Text="{Binding User}" FontWeight="Bold" /> <TextBlock Text=": " FontWeight="Bold" /> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Text}" Width="225" TextWrapping="Wrap" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" />...

Moxtra invite users to existing binder SSO

I am using the Moxtra JavaScript SDK to implement the timeline functionality in my app. I want to create a central binder for my user groups and got everything working except the inviting of another of my users to a existing binder. function getTimeline(access_token, binderID) { var options = {...

What technologies should I use to create a real time One to One chat?

I'm a PHP developer with a lack of experience on other sever side langages. I’d like you to give me leads, advice, keywords or whatever that could help me refine my research better. What I want to do is basically to create a one to one mobile app chat that...

Assign to each user a color

I am currently creating a web-chat and whenever a message is displayed in the chat-box, the user that sent the message is displayed and identified with a color. For every user I create a class and assign a value to the color style with the above function. newHTML = '';...

Server triggers client event twice

hi I'm trying to develop simple chat app using socket.io and express. My issue is: when user send message emit event to server and server broadcast to the rest clients- it happens twice That is all what I can't figured out: why socket.broadcast.emit('setMessage' fires twice in the browser setMessage https://github.com/ntorbev/chat...

UCWA: integrating advanced chat options

I have created a simple chatting application using which two users can chat with each other. Currently i'm able to send only simple and plain text messages. Next as an enhancement, i would like to send formatted text messages. Eg. Changing the font, text style, size, bold, italics, etc. Also...

jTextPane color with some exception in chat

I am using jTextPane to use sender and receiver chat color. All works fine but [email protected] every chat message. here Jhon is revceiver and peter is sender here peter is revceiver and Jhon is sender may be I m doing some mistake in code. Here is the code for Sender...

Creating a real-time chat with Python and websocket

I'm writing a python real-time chat feature embedded in a web app. I'm a little bit confused on the real time implementation. I need to push real time message to different users. I plan to use websocket but I'm not quite sure how to save those sockets into an array...

Twitch: Read chat with php script

I would like to access a twitch chat with a php script to retrieve the latest chat messages. But the twitch api seems not to support chat access. does anyone know a way how i can get the latest chat messages of a channel via a php script?

Socket.io AngularJS Error 403 - Forbidden

I have an App on AngularJS but when I try to integrate Socket.io to a Chat, it gave me a problem... so here it is: GET http://localhost:2772/socket.io/?EIO=3&transport=polling&t=1433165408651-0 403 (Forbidden) Its on socket.io-1.3.5.js library An the principal error its here xhr.send(this.data)}catch(e){... Anyone knows what is the problem?...

How to use BufferedReader correctly with sockets

The application is a basic chat client. I got a Thread for getting data from the server. I want to get every response from the server separately. It prints in the console only when the loop breaks (when i send "exit" using the other parts of the application). So when...

How To Make Chat Bot In Batch

I want create a chat bot progrom in batch. The chat bot responds to different keywords. For example: If you said Hi, bot. Then it takes the keyword "Hi" and then responds with something like: Hello, What Is Your Name? Here is my code: @echo off color 0a title Chat...

Quickblox chat between iOS and Android

I implemented the Quickblox chat on my iOS app and another developer has implemented the same application on the Android app. When I am talking iOS device to iOS device, everything happens normally, messages are sent, received, listed in my view normally. When the conversation is between Android device to...

my Tornado chat is losing messages

i am losing messages in my tornado chat and i do not known how to detect when the message wasn't sent and to send the message again there is any way to detect when the conexion get lost? and when the conexión restart send the message this is my code...

Having trouble with a simple Twisted chat server

When I try and run this (see code below) I get the "connection made" response from the server and the command prompt to write an input. However when I try and enter the input it just hangs and the server doesn't seem to receive the message. Anyone know why this...