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Why is the task is not cancelled when I call CancellationTokenSource's Cancel method in async method?

I created a small wrapper around CancellationToken and CancellationTokenSource. The problem I have is that the CancelAsync method of CancellationHelper doesn't work as expected. I'm experiencing the problem with the ItShouldThrowAExceptionButStallsInstead method. To cancel the running task, it calls await coordinator.CancelAsync();, but the task is not cancelled actually and doesn't...

Can i cancel StreamReader.ReadLineAsync with a CancellationToken?

When I cancel my async method with the following content by calling the Cancel() method of my CancellationTokenSource, it will stop eventually. However since the line Console.WriteLine(await reader.ReadLineAsync()); takes quite a bit to complete, I tried to pass my CancellationToken to ReadLineAsync() as well (expecting it to return an empty...

What is the proper way to delay with cancellation support inside of a task execution delegate?

I don't see any specific mention either on MSDN or here about how to accomplish this. The use case is somewhat obscure, but still valid I suspect. var cancel = new CancellationTokenSource(); var task = Task.Factory.StartNew(() => { Task.Delay(1000, cancel.Token).Wait(); }, cancel.Token); cancel.CancelAfter(100); task.Wait(); The above code will attempt to...