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Initial particles from CAEmitterLayer don't start at emitterPosition

My goal is to make an explosion-like animation where many particles are emitted in a short duration. My problem is that CAEmitterLayer, when it begins emitting, adds "future" particles to make it looks like the animation has been running for a while. How can I disable or workaround this? When...

CAEmitter any way to insert self-animated particles?

I have a CAEmitterCell : CAEmitterCell * spriteCell = [CAEmitterCell emitterCell]; spriteCell.contents = (id) [[UIImage imageNamed:@"emitterSprite.png"] CGImage]; I would like the sprite to be an animated png sequence (or so) instead of a single image. The only technique I know makes use of an UIImageView : NSMutableArray *animatedImagesArray = [NSMutableArray...