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How to make a calculated member in MDX for SSAS?

I have a problem in my calculation and can't solve. Example: Our company sells about 100 products, divided into categories and product ID. Product ID is the smallest granularity. I need to show how this product list we sell in each city. See the picture: Overall, without showing the category...

Oracle Discoverer - Multiple Join On Single Table

I have two folders defined under business area from database tables called EMP and PROJECTS EMP table has the following columns emp_number emp_name projects table has the following columns proj_id proj_initiated_by proj_started_by proj_closed_by Joins are generated as emp.emp_number -> projects.proj_initiated_by (one_to_many) emp.emp_number -> projects.proj_started_by (one_to_many) emp.emp_number -> projects.proj_closed_by (one_to_many) In...

Kettle - Read CSV with comma as decimal mark

I have a transformation on Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) where the first thing I do is I use the "CSV Input" to map my flat file. I've never had a problem with this step on windows, but now I'm chaning the server where spoon is going to run to...

How to configure my SharePoint server for Business Intelligence [closed]

What I need exactly to configure my SharePoint 2013 so I can use the business intelligence tools very well.

Debugging SQL statement of SSIS SQL task to insert range of date

I'm trying to insert range of date into a date dimensional table using SQL task, and passing through parameters of BeginDate / EndDate to it. However, if I try to execute the package, there are no data inserted in the dimensional table, but the package executes fine. How do I...

Install SSMS for power-users of business data? Why not?

Question: As a DBA/BI Developer, should we install SSMS on the PCs of power-users of business data? What are the risks with this approach? Context: I love SSMS. It's ergonomically designed and enables not just the exploration and management of the SQL Server, but also the data within it (e.g....

Implement complex calculations with SQL or rather use ETL?

We are currently developing a web application for financial analysis using PHP (Zend Framework 2) and Doctrine as ORM-Tool (MySQL database). The complex financial calculations are done on the server-side, since the client has to be simple as possible. The data should be available in nearly "real-time", since the user...

Qlikview Automate past 12 months selection

I have a combo chart which shows the average days it took for a person to pay their bill. The Dimension of the Chart is = [Pay Month Year last 12 months] There are no Dimension limits There is 1 expression which is called Average and its definition is: avg({<...

Input controls overriding hidden table formula

I have a report I'm working on, where I have a series of tables attached to each other representing 18 months of our business year. Each table is being hidden if an input control of Months does not have the particular months listed, so only the most currently relevant months...

How do I identify like sets using SQL?

Using SQL Server, I have a table that looks like this: What I need to do is write a query to identify scenarios where the Name and Permissions field are equal so that I can give give them a unique Set ID. For instance, rows 2 and 4 would be...

Can't open some sheet tabs within a qvw

In my QlikView document, when in the web view, i cant open some sheet tabs. Some open fine, others don't seem to have any link on them. These are the main tabs along the top and the properties are the same between one that works and one that doesn't....

Qlikview reports / chart not generating or printing in colour

I have a qlik view report with a colour chart in it which isnt printing in colour, printer is set to colour and also the print preview is in B&W

Natural Key and Fact tables

I'm new on dimensional modelling I believe that you guys can help me in the following doubts. In the production system I have a transaction table, sales table for example.The unique identifier is a primary key called SaleId. Example: My doubt is when modelling the fact table should the SaleID...

How to change the date format in Oracle BI Publisher?

How do I change the format of the date while creating a report using data model which I created using a simple SQL query which fetches aggregated data from a data warehouse? I need the date in a simple dd-mon-yy format. I am not able to locate where the format...

How to select a particular number in a list box and make the other list box to only display the numbers greater than the selected number in QlikView?

I have two list boxes: Box1 and Box2. Box1 has values 10,20,30,40 etc and Box2 has the same 10,20,30 etc. After creating two separate list boxes for Box1 and Box2 respectively in the dashboard, how do I get to show only the values in Box2 which are greater than the...

Pentaho - CSV Input not understanding special character [Windows to Linux]

I have a transformation on Pentaho Data Integration where the first thing I do is I use the "CSV Input" to map my flat file. I've never had a problem with it on windows, but now I'm chaning my server that spoon is going to run to a linux server...

QlikView Resources for Beginner Developer

I am looking to add Qlikview Development to my skill-set. I have a C# and SQl background. Are there any free online resources to getting me going at developer level not end-user? What's the best starting place for me and the level of difficulty involved. I have seen the capabilities...

Aggregate Transformation vs Sort (remove Duplicate) in SSIS

I'm trying to populate dimension tables on a regular basis and I've thought of two ways of getting distinct values for my dimension: Using an Aggregate transformation and then using the "Group by" operation. Using a Sort transformation while removing duplicates. I'm not sure which one is better (more efficient),...

Can I load calculated measures from SSAS cube in Power Query?

Power Query Version 2.17 is supporting SSAS Cubes as data source now. When I connect to a cube I just see the standard measures of the cube and not the calculated members defined in the cube. Is there a way in Power Query to get access to the calculated members?...

Display Column Chart Y Axis Labels in Kilo(K), Million(M) in webi reports

Can we do formatting in Column chart value Axis Labels to show $1000000 as $1M, that is to replace 0's with M for million representation in Webi Reports? Please guide me if this is possible. Thanks Niki...