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Brunch: how to wrap vendor code in AMD modules?

I want all vendor code to be wrapped in AMD modules. I have defined this section in my config.coffee: modules: wrapper: 'amd' definition: 'amd' But it seems like brunch uses AMD optimizer only for 'app' folder files. All vendor js files where concatinated without any r.js-like preprocessing(no module names added...

Where is the brunch adapter for Grunt tasks

On brunch website, it states that brunch "even has an adapter for Grunt tasks". It is not documented anywhere, neither could I find any reference to grunt on brunch source code. Has anybody ever experimented this feature ? How does it work ?...

Brunch, RequireJS, and ReactJS is giving me “Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module”

The problem: I cant get React.js to function at all in a requirejs and brunch situation. I get a mismatched definition error with the react.js library, and react does not show up in the windows object.I am unsure as to what to do, and was hoping some one here had...

How include JSON data in local brunch app

I'm not much of a web developer yet. I want to create a local (yes, really offline) html/js (coffeescript/jade) app, using brunch. I would like to have some JSON files with data like { "title": "My title", "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor..." } Now this data should be included in the...

brunch build does not create directory and files

I am building a small hapijs app with brunch as asset management tool. Running brunch build doesnt produce any compiled files. My project structure is similar like the structure sample in https://github.com/brunch/brunch/tree/stable/docs brunch-config.coffee: exports.config = server: path: 'index.js' port: 8000 paths: public: 'public' conventions: ignored: 'app/templates' files: javascripts: joinTo: 'js/app.js':...

Is there a versioning plug-in for Brunch? (A Brunch version grunt-rev)

I know of static asset versioning plugins for Grunt and Gulp (gulp-rev) which will append a content hash to the filenames to prevent caching issues, but I cannot find one for Brunch. Is anyone aware of one? Thanks.

How can I tell Brunch not to concatenate javascript files?

Does anyone know how to configure Brunch not to concatenate javascript files in the local build? I want the javascript files copied straight over so that I do not have one large javascript file when debugging. Here's my current brunch-config.coffee file: exports.config = conventions: ignored: /.+\.spec\.js/ files: javascripts: joinTo: 'js/app.js':...