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Updating an iframe, history and URL. Then making it work with back button

I'm having problems getting URL to update when hitting the back button on the browser (I'm on testing on Firefox). After updating the "src" property of the iframe I use replaceState to update the history. If I hit the back button after this the iframe will go back to the...

Get openfire Chat History

I am unable to get the history from open fire. I am using XMPP Framework How to get chat history from open fire archive and print the history data in nslog?...

removing a URL from browser history through javascript

We are moving our website from http to https. When you go to the address bar and start typing "my_s..." the browser suggests "http://my_site.com". I've got it set up to redirect, but I'd rather not have the user go through that step. Is there any way to get the browser...

Preventing page navigation inside a Backbone-driven SPA

The justification In my BB app, I allow rapid input from users which gets queued & sent off periodically in the background to the server. The problem I currently have is if a user leaves the page they effectively discard any pending changes sitting in the queue. So basically what...

Writing handlers for JS.Window.Onpopstate in Websharper

I'm trying to get proper back-button support in my WebSharper-app. I can put stuff in history just fine: type MyRecord = { foo: int; bar: string } JS.Window.History.PushState({foo=10; bar="hello"}, "", "mysuffix") I was hoping to add a corresponding handler for onpopstate by doing something like this: JS.Window.Onpopstate <- (fun e...

How can i make a page accessable only from a page that redirects the user to it? [closed]

i want to make a page accessable only from a page that redirects to it. this page which redirects to this page is called /purchase.php and then this page redirects to a page which is called /username.php, i want THIS page to be accessable only from /purchase.php and not directly...

Sqlite + Safari History.db

Recently Safari moved from History.plist to History.db to save history information. I tried opening the .db file with a SQLite DB Browser - but strangely nothing happened. Does anyone have a clue what file format this would be - or whether it's encrypted?

Changing URL as long as you are scrolling the webpage

I was seeing the NASA's press release / image gallery, (you can see it here) and it has come to my attention that as I'm scrolling down the webpage and seeing different posts, the URL in the address bar was changing (I was using chrome, but tried in Internet Explorer...

Adding Browser History and Navigation To JavaScript DOM Page Change Function

I am using JavaScript to change the pages of my website, but I am running into the issue where I can't use browser navigation to go back or forwards through the history once I have changed pages. I have tried adding a /#pagename to the URL for each page, and...

joint session history backward navigation with iframes

I'm trying to debug navigation issues with my app. The problem is in navigating back through an iframe on a page. I am using a backbone router in a SPA cordova app, testing on iOS. I some of the application pages contain iframes that load web content hosted on the...