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Change default font roFontRegistry in Roku

I have created a page with roImageCanvas ,and i am trying to change its default font with another one.bellow is my code but this won't work.Please help me to resolve this error.thanks in advance. canvas = CreateObject("roImageCanvas") port = CreateObject("roMessagePort") canvas.SetMessagePort(port) items = [] FontInterface=CreateObject("roFontRegistry") 'create global font access Fontinterface.Register("pkg:/source/Univers.ttf")...

Roku animation using animated sprites, how to create the tedious xml

I made a simple java script code to create the sprite sheet xml for the sprite animation in roku written in brightscript. Is there an easier way to just pass in the sheet and let it figure out the dimensions of the frame? That would be cool. I learnt about...

Roku - page not loading

I enabled roku development mode and try to check the credentials in a web browser using Roku ip address as per the instructions in this page.But the page was not loading in my browser. http://blog.roku.com/developer/ My system ip address is and my Roku ip address is

roUrlTransfer in BrightScript

I am creating my own channel for Roku. I need to get the streams of my videos and images from a JSON file from a server. I found a couple of examples of how to do that using roUrlTransfer component, but all those examples tell that you need to have...

No response from Vimeo API on GET request

For a Roku app I'm building, I need to get the list of channels for a Vimeo user. It's public data, so I can grab it with their Simple API, which looks like this example: https://vimeo.com/api/v2/user17146517/albums.json That request works great just by visiting the url - I get an array...