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Read barcodes from input-event (linux, c)

I have a small program that read barcodes from /dev/input/event4. This is the code: #include <sys/file.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <linux/input.h> int main (int argc, char *argv[]) { struct input_event ev; int fd, rd; //Open Device if ((fd = open ("/dev/input/event4", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK)) == -1){ printf ("not a vaild device.\n");...

Using LED with ngcordova barcode scanner

When trying to use barcode scanner in bad lighting conditions, it would be very beneficial if possible to light the LED/Flash that comes with the phone/tablet

cordova ionic barcode scanner error

i am getting same error barcodescanner.js:130 Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined ionic.bundle.js:20306 ReferenceError: cordova is not defined Cordova CLI: 5.0.0 Gulp version: CLI version 3.8.11 Gulp local: Local version 3.8.11 Ionic Version: 1.0.0 Ionic CLI Version: 1.4.3 Ionic App Lib Version: 0.0.19 ios-deploy version: Not installed ios-sim version: 3.1.1...

Is it possible for a closed form's events to fire?

I invoke a "Find" form from FrmDelivery. The Find form is crashing on attempting to scan a barcode into an editbox (the same code works fine elsewhere in the app, such as in FrmDelivery). The log file shows that FrmDelivery is the form experiencing an exception: Message: Reached frmDelivery.StartRead Date:...

Honeywell android Barcode scanner [closed]

I have Dolphin 70e Black device.I want to scan QR code using the Laser Scanner in the device and How to start the scanning in the device in My App Please help

Why is the wrong barcode being printed?

How could it be that one barcode is being read, yet another one is printed? My code reads the value scanned and puts it in a textbox; e.g., a value such as "76145513" Yet, when I print a label for that barcode, it prints "57056548" This last is a valid...

How can my app allocate more heap memory in Android 4.0? (Not enough memory for my app) [closed]

I'm desesperate with my app. I'm developing an app for a dedicated barcode scanner Android based device. It's like an old phone (CPU Cortex-A8 OMAP 1Ghz, 512MB RAM), with Android 4.0. I can't root the system, nor update it, i've talked with the manufacturer. The problem is that can't finish...

How to open “zxing Barcode” scanning screen in a small window?

"zxing Barcode" scanner is successfully working in my App https://github.com/journeyapps/zxing-android-embedded I want to open the scanning screen (i.e., Intent), on same Activity in the center in a small window How can I get this type of Interface ? http://i.stack.imgur.com/bpT5R.jpg...

Phonegap Barcode Scanner failed Jasmine error

I wrote an app using PhoneGap build. It's a barcode scanner. After I create the project and add the barcode plugin ( from the root directory.. cordova plugin add com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner) scan : function() { console.log('scanning'); var scanner = cordova.require("com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner.barcodescanner"); //var scanner = cordova.require("cordova/plugin/BarcodeScanner"); scanner.scan(function(result) { ..... } After I build...

zxing run time exception into android application

I am successfully able to run the zxing project. Now, I am integrating the zxing with my project to integrated scan application. 05-16 07:21:01.380: E/AndroidRuntime(5512): FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-411 05-16 07:21:01.380: E/AndroidRuntime(5512): Process: com.tallymaster9.tradetec, PID: 5512 05-16 07:21:01.380: E/AndroidRuntime(5512): java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: 05-16 07:21:01.380: E/AndroidRuntime(5512): case expressions must be constant...

Barcode Scanner in Fragment

I'm trying to insert a barcode scanner in my ListFragment and use this tutorial: BarcodeScanner But if I click on of the two buttons (QR or barcode-scan), it seems that my app doesn't find the downloaded XZing Barcode Scanner. But it is installed! I don't get an issue :-( ......

Barcode reader and QR code reader in WP8.1

I am trying to implement barcode scanner and QR code scanner in WP8.1 app. But it does not read the image properly and gives exception Value does not fall in expected range private Result _result; async private void scanQR_Tapped(object sender, TappedRoutedEventArgs e) { try { var cameraID = await GetCameraID(Windows.Devices.Enumeration.Panel.Back);...

Where to keep Redlaser License file in Titanium Alloy Project?

In Titanium Classic project scanning worked fine when license file was kept in Resources folder along with app.js file. Not sure where to keep the license file in Titanium Alloy project - gives me error that "SDK Not Authorized" You are over the scan limit for this device and application....

zxing library : unable to get into activityforresult

package com.datavsn.QuickTransfer; import android.app.Activity; //import jim.h.common.android.zxinglib.integrator.IntentIntegrator; //import jim.h.common.android.zxinglib.integrator.IntentResult; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.Bundle; import android.os.Handler; import android.view.KeyEvent; import android.view.MotionEvent; import android.view.View; import android.view.View.OnClickListener; import android.widget.TextView; import android.app.Activity; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.Bundle;...

how to parse different type of xml data or similar to xml structure

I have scanned a image using my iphone and get the below type result. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <PrintLetterBarcodeData uid="229636134720" name="Nandan Mohan Nilekani" gender="M" yob="1955" house="856, 13th Main , 3rd Block" loc="Koramangala" vtc="Bangalore South" po="Koramangala" dist="Bangalore" state="Karnataka" pc="560034"/> How can best way to split or parse the above xml data. ...

Barcode decoding using Javascript

We are working on an application where barcode image is captured using that device Webcam. Now we need to show the information (decoded information) in the bar code in a text box. Is there any Javascript API or Plugin to decode the barcode information?...

Swift: Storyboard TabViewController Segue Not Being Triggered

I am working on an iOS app that allows users to scan barcodes of food items into a shopping list. My goal is that when the scanner picks up on a barcode, it grabs the metadata and sends it (via segue) to another view where the user can log the...

how to open a url from the barcode scanner in phonegap build

i'am using the Barcode Scanner for phonegap build, How would i retrieve the QR Codes URL data and display the webpage into a Iframe or div $(document).ready(function(e) { $("#scanner_mode").click(function() { cordova.plugins.barcodeScanner.scan( function (result) { alert("We got a barcode\n" + "Result: " + result.text + "\n" + "Format: " + result.format...