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SoapUI integration with bamboo

can anyone share a link/info - how to integrate SoapUI test-suites with Bamboo? I'm interested both in local and "from SVN" integration. And I need to know - must I install SoapUI somewhere else for integration with CI, or not? (jobs on CI should work independently) Google gave me some...

Bamboo remote build agent cannot find powershell.exe after installing nodejs

I just installed nodejs on one of my build servers (Win Server 2008 R2) which hosts a Bamboo remote agent. After completing the installation and doing a reboot I got stuck in the following situation: The remote Bamboo build agent is running as a windows service with user MyDomain\MyUser. When...

spring-security-core 2.0.3 spring-aop 2.0.8 cause NoSuchMethodError

Using Maven to build my project under windows works fine, but when deploy it to Linux servers via bamboo, on two servers it seems ok but on third server I get a NoSuchMethodError regarding one of the spring libs. İf i remowe spring-aop:jar from war it works. İf it is...

How to do Selenium test on Bamboo

We are trying to run some Selenium tests using Selenium CI . We are using maven to build the project and using Selenium web driver. I followed an Blog post in the link. http://www.3pillarglobal.com/insights/how-to-use-selenium-in-continuous-integration-testing#comment-38432 as a reference When I run the maven project locally(without Bamboo) it worked fine. But when...

How to setup phpUnit in Atlassian Bamboo?

I am new to Atlassian Bamboo. I have my code on Atlassian Stash Repository, and I want to run PhpUnit test on my code using Bamboo plan. I have go through documentation but I am not able to create one. Does anyone knows about it?

Setting Dependencies/Triggers in bamboo?

Im wondering if I can get some help in relation to Bamboo. I am very very new to this system. I am able to make plans etc but now I need to Automate 1 of those plans instead of manually kicking it off. Unlike the other plans I cant time...

Bamboo build stuck on “Waiting to be built…” and Cloning into 'Common'

For some reason my bamboo build which uses MSBuild is stuck for past 4 hours with message below: "Waiting to be built...". I tried stopping the build but stuck on 'Cancelling....'. Can't even disable the Agent. Weird thing is there are 2 build agents in IDLE. Before I stopped build,...

How can I migrate to automated builds while keeping Git's commit log clean?

I'm currently working towards migrating a large application to a build server. Every push to our Git repository will trigger a new build that will build, tests - all with the help of a variety of scripts located in my project. As of now I'm making modifications to my scripts...

Bamboo npm.load() required error

I'm using Atlassian Bamboo and Amazon Web Services as a build server and attempting to set up a build project for a web application that uses npm packages. I'm using a slightly modified version of ami-04ccf46c, the Windows Server 2012 R2 image on Bamboo utilizing Amazon Web Services. In my...

How can I integrate ReSharper's Dotsettings File in SonarQube?

I have a C# Project with a ReSharper Dotsettings file. I want to configure Sonar so that it uses my Dotsettings file. In my Dottsettings file i disabled many Rules. How can I integrate this file in SonarQube? This is my sonar-project.properties file (just the ReShaper part): #ReSharper sonar.resharper.mode= sonar.resharper.dotSettings.path=MyProject/ReSharper7-Coding-Style.dotsettings...

Automating Bamboo Remote Agent Installation for windows 7 - Cannot stop the running agent with StopBambooAgent-NT.bat

I am currently working on creating bash scripts to automate the process of doing a clean install and clean uninstall of Bamboo remote agents on a windows 7 VM. These are my two scripts: Clean install: #!/bin/bash #Main function main(){ URL=https://bamboo.ihs.organization.net/agentServer/agentInstaller/atlassian-bamboo-agent-installer-5.5.0.jar mkdir -p install-directory #download jar cwd=$(pwd) echo "INFO -...

Configuring PhPUnit.phar with Atlassian Bamboo

I am trying to configure PHPUnit with bamboo. I have followed all the instruction available on Bamboo Documentation about Getting started with PHP and Bamboo accordingly but I am not able to get a successful build. Here are the screen shots of my configuration panel and Error log. My Task...

What Java properties to pass to a Java app to authenticate with a http proxy

I have a Java application that is trying to access a web service via http proxy. The Java app is 3rd party app for which we don't have access to source code. Its launch can be configured by passing Java launch parameters among other things. I am wondering what are...