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Awesome desktop manager widgets

I came upon this problem before, but only now it really renders awesome desktop manager useless. I was searching how to connect to Wifi with awesome. Found Gigamo Wifi Widget. Cool, how do I eat it? The awesome wiki entry on widgets does not really answer this question. I know...

are there any events related to awful.prompt in Awesome WM 3.5?

I would like to know if it is possible to catch events from an awful.prompt widget like an event when the widget is activated with: myprompt:run() or when the user press Enter to validate his entry or Esc to leave/quit this widget....

Strange behaviour of lua code (AwesomeWM config)

With this piece of code in my rc.lua (configuration file of AwesomeWM) I get what you see in image bellow: mybattmon = wibox.widget.textbox() function battery_status () local output={} local fd=io.popen("acpi", "r") local line=fd:read() while line do local battery_load = string.match(line, "(%d*)%%") local discharging if string.match(line, "Discharging")=="Discharging" then discharging="-" elseif string.match(line,...

Awesome WM: terminal window doesn't take full space

I use Awesome as my WM and I don't know how to make my terminal window take full tiling space on my screen. My resolution is 1366x768 and I send pic related. Here you can see the problem : http://a.pomf.se/jqxrfq.png

How to set a custom icon of any client for the tasklist in awesomeWM v3.5.6?

if (c.class == "Google-chrome") then c.icon = capi.image ( "/home/art-attack/.config/awesome/icons/chrome.png" ) end I tried it but I always got an error i.e attempt to call field 'image' (a nil value) { rule = { class = "Google-chrome" }, properties = { icon = beautiful.icon_chrome } }, Then I find another...

How to set focus on a client under mouse cursor when a tag is changed?

When I switch to another tag, a new client gets selected, but it is sometimes not a client that I have my mouse cursor over. To get a client under my mouse pointer focused, I have to either click somewhere on it, or switch to it with Mod4+j / k,...

How to set a default nmaster for all tags?

I'm running awesome-wm 3.5.6 and am looking for a way to set the default nmaster for all my tags to zero. The best I can do so far is call awful.tag.setnmaster(0) right after my tags are created in my rc.lua. However, this only sets the nmaster value of the first...

How to get a signal when layout has changed in Awesome Wm

Is is possible to capture the layout change in Awesome 3.5 like this for the tags ( for example): screen[s]:connect_signal("tag::history::update", function() --do some stuff when virtual desktop has changed end If so how do you do it?...