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Signing a DLL assembly with public key token

I inherited a C# .NET application that needed slight modifications to some of the path name strings in one of the DLL assemblies. I do not have the source code, unfortunately. I made the necessary modifications using ILSpy and the Reflexil plugin. When I save the DLL, I'm told the...

NServiceBus use type full name in EnclosedMessageTypes metadata

NServiceBus includes meta Header with message "NServiceBus.EnclosedMessageTypes". It puts AssemblyQualifiedName of serialized type in there. e.g.: MyNamespance.MyType, MyAssembly, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7777777777777777 Can I make NServiceBus use just type FullName instead? eg: MyNamespance.MyType instead of AssemblyQualifiedName. Use Case: Some legacy part of the system code requires assemblies signed. I don't want...

Signing F# Assembly

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to sign a F# class library project. First I've tried this thread, using the AssemblyKeyFileAttribute but had no success. I also tried to add the flag "--keyfile:keyfile.snk" to the project properties ("Other Flags" field in "Build" tab) and It did't worked too. I'm...