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How to pass escape sequence like tab and newline char as command line argument in C programming getopt_long?

I almost reached end of my code, after a lot of search I didn't find solution no where, I want to supply escape sequence like '\t', '\n' to my program like how awk and perl program takes, and finally I want to use them as printf or sprintf format string...

Tcl $argc and $argv variables

I'm kinda new to tcl but I have to write a proc that looks like this: proc TestVerb { Data Data_txt } { VERBATIM [format "// Data: $Data - $Data_txt"] if { $argc == 2} { VERBATIM {// SUCCESS //} else { exit 1 } I call the proc like...

How do I make a function print out a certain amount of Random numbers through the command line? C

How do I pass an arguement and print that amount of numbers in my program? So far I have found out that if I change count to a lower number than argc, the amount of numbers increases. However, I want it to print x amount of numbers on whatever I...