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WatchKit – Two tables in two pages, second page has first couple of rows super-narrow

I have the following setup in my WatchKit app: Two horizontal pages, which are configured programmatically via reloadRootControllersWithNames:contexts: Each page contains a WKInterfaceTable which loads some separate data. What I’m noticing is that the second page’s table has its content pushed down so that the first row in the right...

Install app in Apple Watch before submission for testing

I need to test the Apple Watch app. App is working fine in simulator. how can we install in device and check?

Segue must be modal with page navigation

I'm developing an app for Apple Watch that there is a scene with a table. When I select a row it pushes another scene perfectly. However when I added another scene and created the relationship of next scene with the first one the rows stopped working.I had to change the...

How to implement a Table in iOS WatchKit

I'm going through this simple tutorial on how to create a table in WatchKit in xcode: http://natashatherobot.com/watchkit-create-table/ I'm pretty sure I've done everything properly however I'm getting this following error: Not quite sure what I've done wrong. Any help resolving it is appreciated. Thank you!...

How to remove a partially installed app on Apple Watch

There is a partially installed app on my Apple Watch and I can't find a way to remove it. I have removed all the my apps that I've installed using Xcode to iPhone and the Watch still shows an icon that you see when a Watch app is about to...

WatchKit: Handoff from static interface of Long Look?

Our app has implemented the handoff functionality between push notification on the Apple Watch (in our WKUserNotificationInterfaceController subclass) and the main iPhone app. It works with dynamic interface of the notification long look. However, when I open a notification from the notification center on the Apple Watch (thus resulting in...

Is it possible to send a local notification to the Apple Watch specifically?

I see this in the Apple Watch Programming Guide: When one of your app’s local or remote notifications arrives on the user’s iPhone, iOS decides whether to display that notification on the iPhone or on the Apple Watch. Is there a way to make a notification only appear on the...

Apple watch app does not work when iPhone app is in terminated state?

I am working on an apple watch app, but facing a weird issue, i.e. my watch app works only when I manually open the iPhone app or when iPhone app is in background. When I terminate my iPhone app and test apple watch app then it does not work any...

Swift WKInterfaceLabel IBOutlet Freezes Watchkit App at Startup

I am trying to make a simple example of a watch app: a label and a button. Press the button and the text of the label should change. @IBOutlet var myLabel: WKInterfaceLabel! @IBOutlet var myButton: WKInterfaceButton! The following code results in an endless spinning wheel when I run the app...

Apple Watch Remote App

I was wondering how the Apple Watch Remote app is able to detect swiping gestures and taps on an area that does not look like a button. Is this restricted to Apple only at this time, or is there a way for developers to take advantage of this?

WatchKit start with different controllers?

I'm designing my first Apple Watch app. I'd like the first scene displayed on the Apple Watch to be different depending on information in the iOS app. Can I call pushcontrollerwithname or presentControllerWithName inside the initial WatchKit controller's awakeWithContext once I determine the right controller to display? Will the user...

Using WatchKit, is there a method to keep the screen on?

My app displays various countdown timers that the user will view to see when to do various tasks. I'd like this screen to stay on display on the watch while the app is in the foreground. Currently, the screen will auto-turn off and if I stay away from flicking my...

Apple Watch Maps Animation

We are working on an app that requires an animation overtop of a map. this is a challenge because the map is a dynamic element and there are obvious limitations to the watch. Does anyone know a way to programatically take a snapshot of the mapview. I figure if we...

Create WKInterfaceButton with image and left aligned text

I want to use a WKInterfaceButton for my watch app, that looks like the buttons in the watch settings: with two main attributes: It should contain a small image on the left its title should be aligned to the left I didn't found any possibility to align the title of...

WatchOS2 Watch Connectivity still require app groups in capabilities?

In the old WatchOS1, app groups was required for any sharing of data. In WatchOS2, Watch Connectivity replaces the old framework for communication. I was wondering if app groups is still needed?...

Load second app interface in a segue

Basically what I want to do is depicted in the image below: However this only loads the middle and third interface, the first is hidden both from swiping onto and in the circle indicators at the bottom. I'd like to be able to load the second interface and swipe left...

Testing Core Data in Watch extension on the simulator

I'm creating an apple watch app. I have created my shared framework, and the app extension. It all actually works pretty well, but when I try to query objects from my Core Data DB, i get only empty arrays. I have already created the app groups, and made sure the...

How to send notifications to apple watch without an app for apple watch

I wanna send notifications to apple watch but without an app for apple watch. Our app is a game only for iphone and ipad. So I didn't find any info about this case in developer. ...

Take a snapshot of a Group element with WatchKit & save to camera roll

I'm trying to programmatically take a snapshot of a Group element and its contents (a text label) and save it to the camera roll. I would usually do something like this (see code snippet) for an iPhone app but with WatchKit the Group element has a different structure to a...

Intiate call from apple watch

I am developing an apple watch extension for an already existing application. My watch application has contact us section where customer can call toll free number. My question is how can i start call in apple watch on click of button rather than keeping my application in foreground and starting...

Add Label on Top of Image in Apple Watch Storyboard

So I'm trying to make an apple watch app. I noticed that elements on the storyboard can only be positioned side by side using a group. But the UI I want requires a background image and a label on top of it. How can I ? Is it even possible...

WatchKit Extension bundle identifiers

I am trying to build my app but the wild fails. I am shown the message below. error: WatchKit Extension doesn't contain any WatchKit apps whose bundle identifiers match "com.domain.appname.watchkitapp". Verify that the value of WKAppBundleIdentifier in your WatchKit Extension's Info.plist matches the value of CFBundleIdentifier in your WatchKit App's...

Is it possible to read or write steps in Watchkit extension?

I have read documents that said : All the data Apple Watch collects about your heart rate is then transferred automatically to the Health app on your iPhone. I have not found any Information about steps and calories. Whether it store in apple watch local storage or in Health App....

Not able to choose apple watch simulator

Normally, I can run apple watch app from choosing apple watch in the scheme. However, for some project, I see like this. I can't choose simulator for that. May I know how to do? ...

Communication between watch app and parent iphone app

Requirement :My Watch app will show latest data from our server. I tried : To implement this thing I used WKInterfaceController.openParentApplication(requestDict, reply: { (returnedObject, error) -> Void in if (returnedObject != nil) { //loading interface data here } }) In my app delegate function I used - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:(NSDictionary...

“WatchKit Simulator Actions” not working on actual apple watch device

I've tested the simulated apple watch push notification and it works fine... However when I tried to send it to the actual apple watch, the button doesn't appear... why is it so? And it doesn't vibrate or beep when I send the push notification in json format instead of text......

Can I scroll WKInterfaceGroup programmatically?

I have a label with a long text and a button inside a WKInterfaceGroup. Can I scroll the group to top on the button's touch handler?

Call openParentApplication the second time without calling reply for the first one

I call openParentApplication method in WKInterfaceController and in iOS waiting response from server. Then I want to cancel the operation for waiting response in iOS using openParentApplication again. But the first call didn't call reply so the second I call openParentApplication it not fire the handleWatchKitExtensionRequest. Need to wait the...

Long press gesture in apple watch?

In my apple watch extension i want to use long press gesture functionality. Is there any api equivalent to UILongPressGestureRecognizer. Here my requirement is, on watch extension i have table want to make long press on cell then that cell value should show into Glance. I found new force touch...

How to transfer user from Apple Watch Notification to Apple Watch App?

When a Push Notification is displayed on the Apple Watch, the only possibility to open the Apple Watch App is to tap the App icon in the upper left corner. Now, as I´m reviewing our tracking data, no user seems to know this. How can I install another tap area...

Change WKInterfaceButton background image on tap

I'm trying to change the background image of a WKInterfaceButton in my storyboard when a tap occurs. Also, on calling the setBackgroundImage to change the image, appendValue(1) does not work. class keyPadInterfaceController : WKInterfaceController{ @IBOutlet weak var OneClicked: WKInterfaceButton! let whiteImage = UIImage(named:"keybutton1.png") let goldImage = UIImage(named:"keybutton2.png") @IBAction func OneTapped(sender:AnyObject)...

How to hide API keys in GitHub for iOS (SWIFT) projects?

Hello I'm trying to publish a iOS (SWIFT) personal project in GitHub but I'm afraid of sharing my private API keys and secrets with everybody. I'm using parse so I have in my AppDelegate something like this: let applicationId = "mySecretApplicationId" let clientKey = "mySecretClientKey" Parse.setApplicationId(applicationId!, clientKey: clientKey!) I would...

“Install of Apple Watch Application never finished” Error when deploying watch kit app to device

So I got my new watch (yay!). I manually added its UDID to the developer portal and refreshed the provisioning profiles and I was able to push an archive to ITC for testing but now I want to run the app in debug on my watch itself. I try deploying...

How to get iPhone calendar event reminder on Apple-Watch

Our requirement is to get notification of the iPhone calendar event(set via any app or directly) on Apple-Watch. Is there any way it can be tested by using iPhone/Watch simulators via xcode. For example, I've an app which sets the calendar event from within the app on iPhone. Now if...

Can the screen of apple watch simulator be copied via menu?

Old iphone/ipad simulator can be copied the screen with menu "Edit" >> "Copy Screen". However, the apple watch can not be copied. It still copy the iphone screen, even I clicked the Apple Watch screen first before "Copy Screen". Can the screen of apple watch simulator be copied via menu?...

Get WatchKit interface controller instances created with presentControllerWithNames:contexts:

I'm presenting a page based modal using [self presentControllerWithNames:self.controllerNames contexts:self.controllerContexts];, where controllerNames is just an NSArray of NSStrings containing my interface controllers names. The problem is that I would like to access the created controllers. The documentations says that WatchKit loads and initializes the new interface controllers and animates them...

Post to Twitter/Facebook from Apple Watch app?

I'm wondering whether there's a way to post to Twitter/Facebook (possibly using the iOS built-in accounts) from the Apple Watch? I'd like to be able to do this within an Apple Watch application - I hope the only way to do this isn't to launch a share screen on the...

Why are images not showing in my Apple Watch app?

I have made a menu in my Apple Watch app. I can see images when force touching but when I use my custom images I just see a black circle and nothing else. Here is my Apple Watch screen. Add three images are displaying but the custom image is not...

Restore NSUserDefaults data on Apple Watch app

I have an app, it uses NSUserDefaults to store some data from various views and then, later, restore this data in a specific view with all results previously calculated. Well, now I want to make a new Apple Watch compatible version of this app, all I want is to take...

Send text from my watch app

I know you can send text messages from the watch messages app but can I send a text from my own watch app similar to how an iPhone app can send a link or image to the message app?

How to trigger communication with backend from Apple Watch?

I want to click on a push notification on my Apple Watch trigger communication with backend and show the results in a table on my Apple Watch. I know how to show the result in a table on my Apple Watch. I also know the openParentApplication:reply: method. But if I...

Apple Watch Instant Notification

Is it possible to send instant notifications to Apple Watch from an iPhone app? The Apple Watch guide says "Apple Watch displays those notifications at appropriate times". So looks like there is no guarantee that the notification will be instant. I'm developing an iOS app that provides navigational notifications so...

How can I store an animated sequence of images on the Apple Watch using WKInterfaceDevice

I have put a sequence of images in the (images.xcassets) of my WatchKit App, and I wrote some code to launch the animation. Everything is working fine , but I read in (https://developer.apple.com/watchkit/tips/) and many blogs that you should store image sequences on Apple Watch, in order to reduce load...

Apple watch page based without arrow to go back

I have a initial controller, that have a button with push segue to a dynamic page based navigation, when I do segue the go back arrow disappear, and I can not return to the initial view, how can I add a go back arrow to return? when I go to...

Issue with nested Framework for Watchkit Extension

My Watchkit app does not work in production (TestFlight && rejected from AppStore). I think the issue come from a nested framework. Here the architecture : I've made a framework "ModelLayer" (Cocoa Touch Framework) with the app's model, so it can be shared across all targets. This framework use another...

openParentApplication only works when the app is running in the foreground

I'm trying to request data from the server by using openParentApplication and use it in the watch extension, but I don't get anything back when the main app is not running in the foreground. When the main app is running in the foreground everything works fine.

Is there a way to hide default activity indicator in apple watch?

In my application implementing custom activity indicator, by default apple watch has activity indicator that i don't want to show how can i achive? Because default activity indicator coming exactly in center of the screen but custom activity indicator is coming little bit down. first one is Default and second...

How to turn off automatic install of Apple Watch extension?

We are looking at adding an Apple Watch extension for our current iOS app. One of the requirements is that the watch extension not to be automatically installed on the user's watch upon update of the iOS app. For security reasons we would like to ask the user to specifically...

startAnimatingWithImagesInRange reverse

I am developing an Apple watch application. In the application I have progress bar with animation. I am using - (void)startAnimatingWithImagesInRange:(NSRange)imageRange duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration repeatCount:(NSInteger)repeatCount This is fine for increasing progress like 0 to 50. I would like to know is there any way I can reverse this like 50 to 0....

Push Notifications for Apple Watch

From what I've understood (which could be completly wrong and therefore this post will make no sense), I need to create separate APP Id's in my developer portal for my Watch app/extension. I did that, and I now have 3 app ID's and their complete related set of provisioning profiles...

Failed to verify code signature WatchKit

I'm trying to run a WatchKit app on an Apple Watch but every time this message tells me that it cannot verify the code signature : companionappd[153] <Warning>: failed to install WatchKit application, error: (Error Domain=LaunchServicesError Code=0 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (LaunchServicesError error 0.)" UserInfo=0x15ddfba0 {Error=ApplicationVerificationFailed, ErrorDetail=-402620391, ErrorDescription=Failed to...

Can't sync NSUserDefaults with apple Watch

I need to pass 2 doubles to apple watch, for this purposes I set app groups in extension and main app, next: main app: groupDefaults = [[NSUserDefaults alloc] initWithSuiteName:@"group.XXXXX"]; [groupDefaults setDouble:pitchDelta forKey:@"pitch_delta"]; [groupDefaults setDouble:rollDelta forKey:@"roll_delta"]; [groupDefaults synchronize]; extension: groupDefaults = [[NSUserDefaults alloc] initWithSuiteName:@"group.XXXXX"]; double pitchDelta = [groupDefaults doubleForKey:@"pitch_delta"]; double rollDelta...

Cocoa pod not being installed or used on Apple watch

I'm using lockbox for key chain management in my iOS app. I'm building a watch version. On the actual watch it seems like the the lockbox pod isn't actually present even though it is being linked and there are no compile or linking errors. Here's why i think this is...

Zoom with Digital Crown on image (iOS 8.3)

Is there a way to use the Apple Watch's Digital Crown to zoom into an image, and have the user scroll with their finger? (similar to the navigation found in the Maps app)

iOS WatchKit / Swift - Lazy Loading images in WKInterfaceTable rows

In my Apple Watch app, I have a table with about 25 rows, and each one has a few bits of text and an image that needs to be loaded from the internet. Similar to an Instagram-style feed, but these are profile images of about 8k each. When I build...

Is there an equivalent class to UIView in WatchKit?

I have an iOS app that dynamically draw shapes on UIView (through drawRect), and I am looking at the possibility to port that app (or a small part of that) to Apple Watch. Unfortunately, after read through relative posts I cannot find which class can handle the similar job in...

How to install App on Apple Watch

I have created the watch App and able to run on the simulator. But now i wanted to run the app on my iPhone. What is the process to achieve this? So far have updated provisioning profile in my iOS Code. ...

Know When Cancel Button is Clicked in Apple Watch Modal Interface Controller

Is there a way to know if the cancel button is pressed by the user if the interface controller was displayed modally? Let's say you want to do something before the interface controller is dismissed.

Fetch/Refresh Health Kit Data Programmatically?

When you open the Health app, it updates it's values from somewhere, but if you don't actually open the app, the Healthkit only seems to update randomly (and very scarsely). For example, Step data objects don't get pulled from (wherever the iOS source comes from) or the Apple Watch until...

Apple Watch - how to change the background color in navigation

Can we change the color in navigation from black to the color white? ...

Use of unresolved identifier 'WKExtension'

i want to make a phone call from Apple Watch too. I imported WatchKit. Then i put this code in my method: if let telURL=NSURL(string:"tel:5553478") { let wkExtension=WKExtension.sharedExtension() wkExtension.openSystemURL(telURL) } It shows me an error: Use of unresolved identifier 'WKExtension' in line 2. I don't know what I am doing...

Non-Public Library SockPuppetGizmo

I got an email that my latest binary submission to Apple for an iOS/Watch OS app was invalid due to: The app links to non-public libraries in PlugIns/iPrayed.appex/iPrayed WatchKit App.app/_WatchKitStub/WK: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/SockPuppetGizmo.framework/SockPuppetGizmo I have submitted this build before without any issues, and only made a couple of changes to a few...

Move a WKInterfaceImage on Apple Watch

I'm trying to move a WKInterfaceImage. So far the answers I've found and code I've run lets me change the width and size. I want to be able to move an image like I would set the frame or offset to animate an image moving across the screen. Is this...

Signed with same certificate but error: Embedded binary is not signed with the same certificate

The embedded binary and the parent app has the same certificate but I am getting the error message: error: Embedded binary is not signed with the same certificate as the parent app. Verify the embedded binary target's code sign settings match the parent app's. ...

Trigger UILocalNotification from WatchKit

I have an Xcode project in Swift with the following targets: iOS App WatchKit Extension / WatchKit App "Common" Project, used by the "main" project and by the extension In the common project I have the following code: public class func scheduleNotification(seconds: Int) { var notification = UILocalNotification() notification.fireDate =...

Animated annotation on WKInterfaceMap Watchkit

Is there anyway to have an animated annotation for WKInterfaceMap of Watchkit? I have 35 images to form the animation. Currently I am using a NSTimer which calls -(void)addAnnotation:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)location withImageNamed:(NSString *)name centerOffset:(CGPoint)offset method with a different image names but the result is not efficient and the animation is not smooth...

Can we push the digital crown using the Apple Watch 2.0 Simulator?

Simple question: using watchOS 2, and its simulator in Xcode 7, is it possible to simulate pressing the Digital Crown? We can scroll it using the track pad, but I’ve not yet found a way to press it. Can it be done? For instance, can we see the apps screen...

passbook on the apple watch

Somewhere in the near future, an application I'm working on is going to its own pass to be stored in the user's passbook. Since you cannot really test the passbook app from the watch in the simulator, and my watch will be arriving next month, I was hoping someone could...

How to parse NSMutableDictionary in Swift programming?

In my apple watch interface controller "reply" object contains Json response in NSDictionary. Here is my response i need the "accountName" from this below response. How to parse it in Swift programming. [Accounts: ( { accountName = "ABCD"; idNumber = 114000093; email = "[email protected]"; index = 0; nickName = "Suites";...

Passing an image from iPhone to Apple Watch not working

Most tutorials on passing an image talk about existing images. I am attempting to generate images at runtime on the iPhone and pass to the Apple Watch. I was using MMWormhole as referenced from SO Question but that didn't get my images through. I've now tried using + openParentApplication on...

Apple watch - Invalid bundle

I'm trying to develop an extension of my app for the Apple Watch. Instead of install the app on the watch, I'have this error : "AppName Failed to install AppName, error: Invalid Bundle - No Apple Watch Binary" In my info.plist files, For the Extention, I have : <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.mycompany.AppName.watchkitextension</string>...

Audio recording capabilites on Apple watch

We are working out the details on porting our iOS app to Apple Watch. One of the features on the Mobile version is ability to record the voice and store it on device and upload it to the server later. Is it possible to record the voice on Apple Watch?...

How to get UDID for Apple Watch

Is there any way to extract UDID for Apple Watch? I have clicked on icon button inside watch but did not find anything?

Make phone call from Apple watch app

Can we use a button to make a phone call from the apple watch app? For iPhone app we can use once the button is pressed: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"tel://1111111111"]]); ...

How do I attach debugger to an app running on the Apple Watch?

I want to debug my Apple Watch app in the same way as when it is being run on the simulator. When running on the simulator, Debug > Attach To Process will show the apple watch app, but this does not show up when running the app on a real...

How do I force-quit an individual app on an actual Apple Watch (not in the simulators)?

When developing an app, it is sometimes useful to force-quit an application without having to re-start the entire device. On my iPhone, I can force-quit the active app by double-clicking the home button and swiping the app to the top. For the actual Apple Watch (not the simulators), force-quitting an...

How to animate circular progress in Apple WatchKit?

I have 50 circular images (progress-1.png, progress-2.png, etc) that represent the progress of a circle. If I come up with a percentage value, how can I animate the background image of a group to show the progress of that percentage value?

Apple watch scene Background scrolls

I am developing an app for Apple's new iWatch. As its iWatch appilcation we must use storyboard with limited controls. Our graphics team is asking to set Background in all the scenes in the storyboard. We have successfully set Background property of scene but problem is when screen scrolls the...

Can a button contain a group in an Apple Watch app?

I am trying to set an image inside a button (not background image) on Apple Watch. Is there a way you can put a group inside a button? I know we can do it the other way around.

How to test push notification on the Apple watch?

I'm able to test push notification using Apple Watch simulator and the "PushNotificationPayload.apns" file by selecting Notification: How to test push notification on the actual Apple Watch? --> I've tried to use exact steps for simulator. But the Apple Watch will just launch the app, bypassing the notification view....

Apple Watch : I want to add a separator to my group, but I can't because it forces all the labels to go down

This is a little hard to explain, but basically I have a group also known as WKInterfaceGroup I have three labels. I need them on their own separate line inside the group which I am able to achieve by changing the group layout to vertical. The end result is this...

How can I edit top status bar at AppleWatch?

I'm beginning with WatchKit and I would like to know hoy to edit the aspect of topbar in a AppleWatch app. I would like to change the color and also to hide it in some of my views because I want to focus my user to perform one action. Thanks!...

iOS app crashes immediately when debugging AppleWatch app on Simulator (not on device)

I've got an AppleWatch app that is working fine in Simulator and Device, but when I call openParentApplication, it appears that the parent app is crashing immediately because I see this in the console output: The UIApplicationDelegate in the iPhone App never called reply()... When I try to manually launch...

Possible to update numberOfSteps for WKInterfaceSlider after awakeWithContext?

I've noticed that the only way to change a WKInterfaceSlider's number of steps is to call setNumberOfSteps: in awakeWithContext. If i try to update it any other time the numberOfSteps does not update on screen. Has anyone found a way around this?...

How can I avoid the error “Error Launching 'AppName' WatchKit Extension” when trying to build and run a WatchKit Extension on an actual Apple Watch?

When I try to build and run a WatchKit extension on my real Apple Watch, I sometimes get the following error message: I've tried to build the parent application for the iPhone and then again for my WatchKit app but I still get the error message. Does anyone know what...

WatchKit return reply() inside a block in handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:

I saw this SO post where apparently data was being fetched and returned to the Watch extension like so: - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:(NSDictionary *)userInfo reply:(void ( ^)( NSDictionary * ))reply { if ( [[userInfo objectForKey:@"request"] isEqualToString:@"getData"] ) { // get data // ... reply( data ); } } But when...

check if switch is on boolean watchkit

In Swift using iOS I used to be able to do: if mySwitch.on { myLabel.text = "The Switch Is In The On Position!" }else{ myLabel.text = "The Switch Is In The Off Position!" } but how do I do if mySwitch.on {} in WatchKit Swift I saw on apple it...

PFQuery findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock: in WatchKit app works in simulator, not on watch unless iOS app is in foreground

I'm writing a WatchKit app which needs to make a query to our Parse server. Because this is a network call, I follow the following procedure: I make a call from WatchKit to the iOS app using openParentApplication:reply: Inside of handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:userInfo:reply:, I start a background task with a UIBackgroundTaskIdentifier to...

Apple watch not showing any images

we are having problems with image not showing up on the apple watch, we tried the following : Our image is located in the apple watchkit extension, and we tried to put it in the cache: let img = UIImage(named:"slider_r.png") WKInterfaceDevice().addCachedImage(img!, name:"slider_r.png") It crashed immediately... Then we tried to add...

Display both alertTitle and AlertBody on a custom WatchKit notification

When I send a local notification to the Apple Watch with both an alertTitle and an alertBody, both fields get displayed on the long look notification. But when I customize this with a Static Notification Controller Interface Scene, the default storyboard in XCode only has one field, which gets populated...

How to restart only Apple Watch app when debugging?

I am trying to debug using the Apple Watch simulator. It works fine when I start the app -- awakeWithContext() runs and works correctly, except there's no data yet. I need to test testawakeWithContext() after the user has navigated to a specific place in the iOS app (because there's more...

Trigger Notification from Apple Watch

I'm trying to schedule a local notification to fire after a few minutes once a button is pressed on the Apple Watch (I'm testing on the actual device). This is how I'm attempting it: - (IBAction)buttonPressed { [WKInterfaceController openParentApplication: nil reply: nil { } And in AppDelegate: - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application...

Apple Watch Simulator Won't Start

I can not get any apple watch simulators to run, so finally I tried doing absolutely nothing and even with "default settings" the watch simulator won't run. File --> New -- Project --> Single View Application --> Name = WTF --> Next --> Create --> File --> New --> Target...

Can't set WKInterfaceButton title in table

I am developing a simple Watch App. I have an InterfaceController with a table. In that table, every row has a WKInterfaceButton. I have created a NSObject class with the button of the Table Row Controller, and created the outlet of the button from the interface to the NSObject class...

How to see apple watch home screen into simulator?

Is there a way to see apple watch appliactions in simulator with icons same as iPhone? How we are tapping application icon in iPhone simulator same thing i want to do it in apple watch simulator. As of now i am just running my watch application into simulator want to...

Conver text in numbers to digits

I have an application for the Apple Watch that uses Siri for getting input from the user. I need to get the response in numbers when the user speak, but the below method only returns numbers as strings, e.g. "five" instead of "5". Any help on how I can achieve...

Apple Watch notification center

What is that notification's in the notification center called? Is it just notifications? How to view it: After a notification shows up: ignore the notification, go to the watch home screen, go to the clock app screen, drag from the top to the bottom of the screen to see the...

Possible to cross-platform develop Watch/Wearable applications?

since I am new in the world of developing apps for watches, and the fact that it exists for smartphones the following frameworks: Xamarin PhoneGap appcelerator kony Cordova ... I wonder if there exists for watches apps similar frameworks? So that you code once but run overall. Thanks Edit 1:...

iOS / Apple Watch: iPhone app network request callback blocks not triggered when app is in background

My Apple Watch app sends a message to the companion iPhone app. In the main app's handleWatchKitExtensionRequest, I send a request to the server: - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:(NSDictionary *)userInfo reply:(void (^)(NSDictionary *))reply { if ([[userInfo objectForKey:@"request"] isEqualToString:@"getPendingChallenge"]) { [MyClient getPendingNotifications:someId withDomain:host withSuccessBlock:^(id responseObject) { // process responseObject ... reply(response); return;...

CLLocationManagerDelegate method not working on apple watch extension

I'm working on apple watch app to retrieve user location. I have already import CoreLocation framework in to interfacecontroller class and added delegation to class. It does not work. Please check the code below. What am I missing? import Foundation import WatchKit import CoreLocation class NearByController: WKInterfaceController, CLLocationManagerDelegate { override...