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Generate a fibonacci series with no loops or flow control in APL

Is there a way to create a fibonacci sequence in APL with a one-liner that doesn't require loops or flow control? I've done it with a function using → and a conditional test, but I feel there must be a more elegant, declarative way. An example that I've found that...

I cannot )SAVE in GNU apl

I named my file (WSID nameOfFile), but when I typed )SAVE this comes out: Unable to )SAVE workspace 'nameOfFile'. No such file or directory My workspaces are stored in /apl-1.4...

APL return value of a function

I want to know how to return a value after my function finishes running. I have, for example: FUNCTION X ? X ⍴ 10 //This means, generate X random numbers (X is the function's argument) within the range 1-10. I just want to know how I can return the value...