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How to stay connected through mobile network after WIFI is connected on Android?

I noticed that while streaming audio from a remote server through 3G (mobile) connection and while the WIFI is disconnected or OFF, as soon as WIFI is activated and connected, connection through 3G is dropped. I want the app keep using 3G even if WIFI is connected too now. I...

when button is clicked many times, application becomes un-responsive

i am working on a android application in which one button is there which is used for fetching data from server and show into textView, but the problem is, if a user is clicking many times on a same button the application becomes un-responsive in Android.

How does Starbucks show a UI on Android devices when near store?

I am a fairly new Android developer. One thing that I noticed is that when I walk near/inside a Starbucks store, my Android device shows the following: Question: How does this UI render automatically onto my mobile device when I am near/inside the store? Does this UI appear because I...

Android is device connected to the internet method

I want to create a method which tells if the device is online. As far as I understand ConnectivityManager tells only if the device is connected to a network. This doesn't mean that the device is connected to the internet. To ensure that the device is online I'm using InetAddress.getByName("google.com").isReachable(3);...

Check network connectivity android

I am new using Service in Android and I am quite confused. I have and Activity and I want to check for all the time that the network connection is up (wifi or 3g). I implemented a simple Service and a BroadcastReveiver. here the code of the Service public class...

How to handle no Internet connection with Ion (android library)?

I'm using the Ion Library (Android Asynchronous Networking and Image Loading) on Android. The typical code to do a generic HTTP petition is similar to this: Ion.with(context) .load("http://example.com/thing.json") .asJsonObject() .setCallback(new FutureCallback<JsonObject>() { @Override public void onCompleted(Exception e, JsonObject result) { // do stuff with the result or error } });...

access to Servlet backend's ip address from a physical device (not from emulator)

I added a Java app engine servlet backend to my app, and in my "client" I have a ServletPostAsyncTask class performing an http request to my backend. If I use an emulator, I can access my backend through the IP address, but if I run on a physical device,...

How an Android phone interacts with the server?

I have an app running fine in emulator but not in mobile. That is app basically fetch some records from server using webservice.(SOAP). Installation is successfull and i can open the first page.but not able to proceed further due to server communication. I need your help in making this app...