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How to specify actions for auxiliary buttons in AlertifyJS?

AlertifyJS has a place to put auxiliary buttons. I would like for two things to happen when my auxiliary button is clicked The dialog should not close Some function should be run How do I do these two things? I can get the notification to show up by passing it...

Alertify dialog disappeared before confirming

I was just writing some code and I met a problem like this: alertify.dialog("confirm").set( { 'labels': { ok: 'Personal', cancel: 'Share' }, 'message': 'Select target:', 'onok': function() { alertify.confirm($("#dir_select_user").get(0), function() { var i = $("#dir_select_user .dir_selector").val(); t.find(".move_des").val(i); t.find(".move_verify").val("1"); t.submit(); }).set('labels', { ok: alertify.defaults.glossary.ok, cancel: alertify.defaults.glossary.cancel }); }, 'oncancel': function() {...